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Tormentor Inc.

Relevance: 100.00%     Posted on: 2020-01-09 18:58:07

Tormentor Inc. Does she have a hope of survival? Can this crying, creaming cutie soften a jaded man's heart? Or will she be thrown out with the rest of the trash?! You don't want to miss this incredible issue, the latest from the legendary Slasher, brought to you here exclusively at Slasher ...


Relevance: 99.91%     Posted on: 2021-09-04 12:29:57

Schizo They won’t give her a moment’s rest, whipsawing her back and forth from hope to terror to hard, pounding sex and back again. But something darker lurks on the edges, a fourth terrifying “HIM”! Will “HE” wake up, or will the trio keep things under control? And what will happen ...

Vietnam story

Relevance: 95.40%     Posted on: 2020-04-05 18:56:19

Vietnam story. Slasher brings you this new and exciting tale of east meets west as nurse Carrie is put through her paces by these vile and vicious villains from the far east! Charlie has no mercy for these yankee devils and definitely not for a mouthy blonde bitch who doesn't know ...

Jungle safary to hell

Relevance: 94.47%     Posted on: 2019-07-15 19:05:50

Jungle safary to hell. Deep in the amazon rainforest, 4 nave white students will be brutally torutred by a hidden native tribe! Enjoy this excellent new comic by slasher! And watch out for the road less traveled. You don't want to miss this amazing adventure, brought to you here exclusively on ...

Trick and treat 4

Relevance: 91.00%     Posted on: 2019-11-19 03:39:42

Trick and treat 4. You won’t believe the shocking, twist ending to this halloween horror show! Punk girl sarah is put through her paces as she’s used, degraded, violated, and her own body betrays her! Don’t miss this incredible issue, brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official website!

Safe haven

Relevance: 89.16%     Posted on: 2021-02-10 13:49:56

Safe haven The two have a little playdate together with some light whipping and flogging, but they have no idea that someone is watching… and bent on doing terrible, terrible things to their lovely, lovely bodies! You don’t want to miss this incredible comic, brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official ...

Enslaved without a cause 4

Relevance: 89.00%     Posted on: 2019-11-23 11:57:46

Enslaved without a cause 4. Sandy's dropped like a smoking hot rock when the king's had enough of her slutting it up, and you won't believe where she ends up! Sandy’s winding path through the star studded fifties has only just begun as a new madam shows up to really turn ...

The black crystal

Relevance: 87.05%     Posted on: 2023-02-22 11:44:19

The black crystal Those who defy him are punished most severely. Their menfolk are taken and brutally executed, while their womenfolk exist to serve only under the Lord Kain, beholden to the power of his dark and vile BLACK CRYSTAL! You won't want to miss the beginning of this stunning saga, brought ...

Mama’s boy 4: One happy family

Relevance: 85.75%     Posted on: 2022-02-18 22:10:21

Mama's boy 4: One happy family Eager to protect the newborn babe and eager to please poor Jimmy, unhappy with porking a "fat" wife, Mama's on the prowl for a new piece of puss... and wouldn't you know it... Cutie Social Worker Caroline comes to the door just in time for ...

Welcome to mudwater high, part 3

Relevance: 85.35%     Posted on: 2020-09-27 13:56:52

Welcome to mudwater high part 3. Megyn Foxwood was transferred to the distant school of Mudwater High and found to her dismay that the labyrinthine school was no safe haven for pretty, young girls like her. Don’t miss this incredible issue, brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official website! And don’t ...