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Turkish prince and his BDSM harem

Relevance: 100.00%     Posted on: 2012-05-17 16:55:28

Horny sheikh plays with girls from his harem, but looks like he’s got too aggressive and rough today. He bounds one of those beautiful Arab girls to the wheel, fucks her throat and whips her madly. She screams as the leather whip leaves red traces on her smooth skin, cutting ...

So all she could do was continue to scream until her throat grew hoarse

Relevance: 67.55%     Posted on: 2019-12-31 19:47:34

Safe passage Carmen's screams filled the courtyard as Dominick tightened the leather strap another inch. She could feel the metal push into each breast in three places one straight into it and two at angles. She again closed her eyes, this time not with any hope that she would open them ...

And then he’d fuck her open with his cock

Relevance: 60.38%     Posted on: 2017-12-27 17:45:22

Slavegirls in an oriental world "GLLURRRGGGHHHHHH! AAHGGGGGLLLAAA!" The girl howled and gurgled around the cock in her throat. The cane was viciously slashing down across her swollen and now angry red pussy lips in a staccato rhythm , one blinding flash of agony after another with no time for her to ...

You’re killing me

Relevance: 51.83%     Posted on: 2018-06-08 01:01:48

Valentina's story “Aahhh… ahhh.. ahhh… AAHHHH!!!!” Patrizia wailed, her pussy being assaulted like it had never been before. Frank was not kind or gentle. He was rough and brutal as he pounded into her over and over again. Even in spite of her horror, her shame, and her ...

It was agony, worse than the electricity in her pussy, worse than the horse

Relevance: 51.55%     Posted on: 2019-02-08 06:13:04

Brainwashed Tarib paused after he had lowered Shiva to the bottom of the winch's range, waiting for the proper instant with his hand on the switch. He was judging the moment that Shiva would think it was time for him to raise her out of the water. When she started to ...

Please let me be a slave girl instead

Relevance: 46.94%     Posted on: 2016-05-28 04:10:26

“Notice the electrodes attached to the pins,” added Rubio. “That’s a dead giveaway that this slut isn’t being trained for anything long term, can’t even use a contraption like this unless she’s immobile. She’s just here because it’s fun to watch her scream. She’ll be here until ...

Good girls, sweet girls – Being Uncle Neil’s Good Girl

Relevance: 43.73%     Posted on: 2016-04-21 13:24:23

"Oh, please, Uncle Neil! Please let me go!" Natalie's pleas came between disjointed breaths caused by Neil's jolting fucking that rocked her body to and fro. "Uhhhh, Uh, Ahhhhhh..," distant Uncle Neil grunted as he nuzzled Natalie's sweaty neck while continuing to plow her 19 year-old tight pussy with his sizeable ...

Stallions want to fuck. Demver

Relevance: 34.68%     Posted on: 2009-08-10 21:45:12

Young nasty studs with big dicks and lots of special big toys are willing to fuck the silly chicks. They tie the girls firmly and push their pricks into their sweet wet pussies and stiff asses. Screaming babes keep them going and one of them is ready to shot his ...

Medieval stern perverted treatment. Artwork by Farrel

Relevance: 33.88%     Posted on: 2009-07-13 19:49:11

Multiple ladies treated with utmost tempting desire to examine their sinful bodies and touch each inch of their lustful flesh. Pregnant dame tied to a post with her belly constantly touched by a cane for flogging. Pretty chick with curly hair tied in the barn with her tits pulled by ...