Please let me be a slave girl instead

May 28, 2016 at 4:10 am, Category: Arcas, BDSM Art

Please let me be a slave girl instead

“Notice the electrodes attached to the pins,” added Rubio. “That’s a dead giveaway that this slut isn’t being trained for anything long term, can’t even use a contraption like this unless she’s immobile. She’s just here because it’s fun to watch her scream. She’ll be here until she dies.” Rubi hit a switch and electricity surged into the pins in her nipples. Sue Lin did indeed scream in agony. The group laughed at her for a few moments.
“Yes, questions?” said Rubio.
“Is there anything she can do to save her life?” asked someone in the group.
“Well…” said Rubio, reluctantly. Sue Lin’s ears pricked up at this. “Sometimes if a girl gives us very valuable information, she can be bumped over from the “torture-to-death” program to the “slave girl training program” but that’s very rare, I seriously doubt this bitch has any information worth knowing. Her main use is just for amusement. Let’s move the tour on.”
Sue Lin choked, barely able to pull air into her throat with the tight ropes constricting her windpipe.
“Wait!” she croaked. “I have information! I know all kinds of secret things my father did! Please let me be a slave girl instead, please don’t kill me! Wait!”
The tour group moved on as if they hadn’t heard her.
In his mind, Rubio had to complement the intelligence department. They sure knew how to fuck with a bitch’s head. After a few more days of torture, they’d finally get around to questioning Sue Lin, and they’d let her tell them everything she knew. If she had valuable intel, great! If not, she’d still be begging for a chance to be a slave girl. No matter what happened, they won.


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