The demand for half-white female babies was huge…

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The Chinns breed yet another western girl
The was an already-large and still-growing demand for slaves in the Third World. Mr. Chinn and Mrs. Chinn, opportunistic entrepreneurs if there ever was one, realized the long-range economics of such a demand. Of course, the physical satisfactions and pure pleasures of this sort of business did not fail to impress them, either.
The demand for half-white female babies was huge. Once of age, those female babies would be perfect slave-female flesh; ripe to provide almost all slave-female talent as unpaid maids, house servants, fucktoys, brothel whores, sex-show sacrifices, breed-whores and even worse. Over the last year, the chins, through their wide range of contacts, had arranged the abduction and incarceration of some one hundred of the best-looking Western girls. Mr. Chinn loved Western girls; they resisted enslavement so fiercely at first but once broken, they were such compliant white sluts. They might cry but they would do it while bucking their pale hips, making Mr. Chinn’s hard cock to do its own bucking, shooting its thick loads of baby-making cum.
As for Mrs. Chinn, she appreciated Western slave girls just as much, maybe more. She liked how they lost their pride after they experienced the agonizing distresses designed and directed especially by Mrs. Chinn. After being broken in and still being repeatedly raped by Mr. Chinn, those girls were so happy to show their humbleness to his wife – and they showed it by bestowing kisses, licking and sucking her sopping cunt and licking and sucking her pulsing asshole and widening their pretty mouth to accept whatever oozed out from Mrs. Chinn’s own excited holes.

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Please use my disgusting body for your pleasure

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Roman decadence
“Awww, feel my seed filling your filthy barbarian womb?” Arturo laughed, his body twitching as his cock shot his semen deep into her violated hole. “I hope you get pregnant whore. And I hope it’s a daughter so that when she comes of age, I can fuck her too, while you watch!”
“Arturo, please, not so loud. I can’t hear what this lovely girl is saying?” Legate Antonius said.
“Please my lord, my good Roman lord, let me service you! Let me give myself to you! I’m begging you! Please use my disgusting body for your pleasure!” The girl sobbed brokenly, trying to squirm away from Antonius who was brutally squeezing and twisting her tit in his hand.

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Karma part 2

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Karma part 2


Erenisch comics are a grand experiment in erotic story telling. Again and again Writer/Artist Erenisch proves that erotic stories can be red-hot porn, while at the same time, interesting and even thought-provoking. Erenisch keeps taking risks and trying things no other artist has ever tried, and those risks keep paying off.
Each Erenisch comic takes place inside of a shared universe, with recurring characters, each with a distinct personality. Whether you are a first-timer reader, or a devoted follower who writes fan-fiction on the Erenisch forum, you will love this comic! Special focus in this issue is on action and chase scenes, puppy-girl humiliation, and slavegirls learning to enjoy oppressing other women. This comic is not to be missed!

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Please, milords! Please let me go!

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“Well, my lords? What do you think of these two?” The two lords, Lord Calaban and Lord Foster, couldn’t keep their hands off the girls’ supple skin and tight, nubile flesh. “They are most perfect, Lord Caine! They are most excellent indeed!” the Lord Calaban said, kneeling down to take a mouthful of ass between his teeth and bite viciously!
“Ouch!” little Annie cried out, wriggling and squealing as she dangled from the ceiling. “Please, milords! Please let me go! This… this is wrong! Please!”
“Quiet, you!” Lord Caine said, slapping the blonde bitch across the cheek. “This will teach you to steal from my gardens, you little slut!” he roared. “Now you’ll be sold as sex slaves and fuckpets to anyone willing to pay your piddling price! Normally I’d charge more, but I think it should serve as a lesson that the both of you are cheaper than a cow and a chicken!”

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