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Lezdom underground – presented for sale

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Lezdom underground - presented for sale

As her potential buyer looked on, Elizabeth, her young body in anguish from the long sessions under the paddle, squirmed a bit in the tight embrace of Madam Fifi. “I suggest you calm down and stop struggling, girl,” the tall, big-boned and buxom red-haired trainer told her sternly. Otherwise I’m going to take you back to your cell and we’ll resume where we left off! Would you like that?”
“N-No, Madam,” Elizabeth answered meekly. The very thought of Madam Fifi’s paddle doing it’s work was enough to make her still and compliant to the Madam’s grasp.
“Good girl. You know how happy it makes me when you’re good. Now say ‘hello’ to Miss Rhonda.”
“Hello, Miss Rhonda” Elizabeth answered obediently.

She squealed into the putty, holding her mouth shut

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She squealed into the putty, holding her mouth shut

Sally could only stare in disbelief. Even after 6 hours of torture, she couldn’t believe this was happening. How could her own boyfriend be doing all these horrible things to her? She and Lucas had been together for 3 years! Sure they had argued sometimes. Sometimes she’d even had to assert her authority and put him back in his place, when he got out of line. But she thought that was just normal for a couple. All her girlfriends had told her that she had to be firm, to keep a man in his place. Could he really have been this angry with her?
Lucas picked up the cane and brought it down hard on her thighs. She squealed into the putty, holding her mouth shut.
“You just couldn’t fucking shut up, could you!” screamed Lucas. “Nothing I did was ever good enough! I had to quit smoking, I had to quit drinking! I had to quit hanging out with my friends! I had to come to your stupid fucking pottery classes! Even the things I watched on TV! Everything I did, you had to fucking stick your nose in and change! Everything had to be an argument, and every argument you had to win!”
He began swinging the cane to punctuate each remark. Thwack! “I am sick!” Thwack! “And tired!” Thwack! “Of your fucking bullshit!” Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!
Sally was crying now, as much from the things he was saying, as from the pain. This was a man who’d loved her once, how could she have screwed up so badly? Somehow she’d been such a bitch, she had turned him against her.
“Please,” thought Sally silently. “Please give me another chance! I’m sorry I was such a bitch. I was just trying to be an empowered and independent woman. I was just doing what everyone said I was supposed to do. I didn’t mean to make you hate me.”

Degradation in Rome – A Slave in love

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Degradation in Rome - A Slave in love

His warehouses were run in strict military fashion. The slaves and their guards were controlled carefully. Sexual impulses were not allowed and were punished very severely if they occurred. Those slaves that he selected for pleasure rather than work were placed in the care of Mistress Adia, a famous whore who passed on her long experience in pleasing men…
Decius Portius imposed the same strict discipline on himself. He treated the slaves like commercial goods, even when he was conducting a physical examination of a new slave. He ordered each girl to strip naked, and then he ran his hands all over her body, pressing her buttocks and breasts, lifting them to judge their weight and firmness, and sticking his finger up their anuses and into their vaginas. He tested the slaves’ sensitivity by licking their nipples and blowing on them, and by feeling their clitorises and examining their cunt lips to see how quickly they were lubricating and opening. He especially valued a prominent clitoris that stuck out from its protective hood because it meant that the girl was very sensitive…
Unlike all the other slave traders, he never had sex with a slave himself. He used the information from his physical examinations only to put the girls into the right categories.

Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls – What was wrong with these maniacs

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Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls - What was wrong with these maniacs

The cum dribbling from her ass and pussy sizzled and evaporated as it dripped down towards the blazing brazier between Tiffany’s legs. The pair of psychos had just finished double teaming her, her holes still aching from their brutal rhythmic fucking. Now they were content to watch her squirm and squeal as heat from the brazier cooked the girl’s raw, dripping flesh.
“Woooohhheeee! Look at her twitch and dance!”
“Yeah, look at those pussy lips, they’re lathered in sweat and jiggling like jello! HAHAH!”
What was wrong with these maniacs, why were they doing this!?

Degradation in Rome – Ofering to the Gods

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Degradation in Rome - Ofering to the Gods

Decius never really trusted his guards with the female slaves in his warehouses. He set up a system of rules and regulations and prohibitions, but he knew that when the men’s cocks were up, the men became brainless idiots. The slightest sniff of an unwashed vagina drove them crazy. He knew that many of the guards would be unable to resist the temptation, and sooner or later they would fuck the slaves.
Even his chief guard, Vorkus, could not be completely trusted. Decius knew that Vorkus sometimes turned a blind eye if he heard grunting and groaning coming from one of the cells. But in most cases Vorkus did his job well and reported any guards who fucked the women without permission. Offending guards were tied by the balls to a whipping-post and flogged. Sometimes, for his own amusement, Vorkus handed the whip to the woman who had been abused.
Virgin slaves were more valuable than others, and a guard who had penetrated a virgin was crucified and castrated. But even this was not always sufficient to dissuade some of the guards, who risked losing their balls to fuck a particularly attractive young woman.
Women who were penetrated were supposed to report the offence to Vorkus. If they did not, they were suspended on ropes, face down, so that their hanging breasts were an easy target, and they were caned all over their bodies. If they were pregnant, they were spared most of the punishment and were taken to the breeding warehouse, where they would give birth and so produce a new slave.

Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls – Let me suck your cock, anything!

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Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls - Let me suck your cock, anything!

“PLEASE! NOT AGAIN!” Maddy shrieked as the man began dragging her into the ‘playroom’, as her captor called it. He’d grabbed her three days ago when she’d been working the late night shift at the barista stand. He just kicked in the door, threw her in the trunk and drove off. It’d been three days and no one had found her yet! Where was everyone!?
“No, oh God please, no!” Maddy sobbed as he began binding her hands and legs, “Please, I’ll be good. I’ll fuck you good, please. Let me suck your cock, anything!”
“Now now, you know how I love to play our favorite game…” The man said, gently rubbing the flogger against her sore swollen tits.

Rebecca tried to tell herself it was all a bad dream

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Rebecca tried to tell herself it was all a bad dream

Rebecca tried to tell herself it was all a bad dream. That soon she would wake up in her comfortable bed, in her fancy apartment. But she knew that wasn’t true. The truth was her old life was over. She was no longer Rebecca Warren, successful New York lawyer. She was just Specimen 12, fucktoy to a bunch of horny alien monsters. This was her life now, and there was nothing at all she could do about it.


Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls – The dildo wasn’t overly thick

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Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls - The dildo wasn’t overly thick

“My brother say’s you’ve been acting like a real bitch since you turned eighteen!” Bob said as he drove his special punishment dildo into his niece’s quivering cunt. The dildo wasn’t overly thick, but it was layered in scales like a fish, sharp metal scales that had been hastily welded on, leaving sharp edges that cut her tender walls and gaps that pinched her flesh so tightly that it would tear her when he finally removed it.
“PLLEEEEEAAASSSSSSSEEEEE!” Tammy screamed as her delicate pussy erupted in a hellfire of tearing, grinding agony that shot up through her belly and lodged in the back of her eyes like someone had driven ice-picks through them.
“SHUT UP!” Bob said, pulling the dildo out of her quivering hole and driving it back in again, brutally ramming into her cervix. She nearly collapsed from the shock, but he caught her in his arms. Then, while her vision was still filled with dancing white lights of agony, Bob reached into her mouth and pulled her tongue out. “Hope you don’t mind the clip, I’ll find a nice rusty fishing hook to hang you by next time.”

Tears streamed down Loretta’s chin

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Tears streamed down Loretta’s chin

Loretta tried to look behind her shoulder, at her captor. He was standing at an angle, so that she could just barely see him. Tied up the way she was, her head and neck could only move a tiny little bit and it was hard for her to see what was next to her or behind her.
Marco had a lot experience tying up women, and he always stood here, where they could almost see him. Where they had to work to see him. He found making them strain to look at him was an important way to maximize fear. And fear was his favorite part of the job.
He buzzed the surgical saw in his hand for a moment, letting her hear it but not fully see it.
“Now the first thing you have to understand, you brainless cunt, is that your old life is over,” said Marco. Loretta scanned the room in terror, searching for something to give her hope, but there was only Marco.
“Modeling, going to fancy clubs where the guys buy you drinks, your stupid dreams about an acting career… those aren’t ever going to happen.”
He stepped behind her and let her wonder how he knew so much about her.
“Now you’re a sex slave,” he said from behind her, where she couldn’t see. He let his voice wash over her, letting each word sink in. “A fuck-puppet. A cum-dumpster. You’re nothing but 3 holes that will pleasure whatever man wants to use you. You’re going to spend every moment, from now until the rest of your life, being trained and used to better serve men.”
Tears streamed down Loretta’s chin. She shivered.

Enemies of Rome – More training needed

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Enemies of Rome - More training needed

After the fucking came the fighting with wooden training swords. The German warrior was a match for any of the men, but the other women, mostly ex-whores, were better at fucking and pretending to have orgasms.
In combat the women took slaps on their naked breasts or buttocks over and over again. But they did sometimes slap a man on the cock or balls. The gladiators were not used to training naked and they sometimes forgot to protect themselves.
If a woman fought especially badly she was punished in front of all the others. She had to sit on the ground with her legs wide apart and then put her arms back and lift her bottom off the ground like a crab. In this position her cunt lips were open and her breasts were naked and defenseless…
Drusila chose two gladiators to work on the woman. One slapped her on the cunt with his wooden sword while the other slapped her naked breasts. If her bottom touched the ground she was taken to a table where she sat on a gladiator’s cock, facing him, and rode him. Then they pulled her head down and the second man fucked her ass.

Penance for innocence – spread her legs

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Penance for innocence - spread her legs

Twenty year-old Irene had always been a nice, decent girl. The kind of girl who obeyed her parents every wish and volunteered to help those in need. Just the kind of innocent young thing that the Penance club was most interested in. Irene was fated to pay penance for having such a good stable life and also pay for being such an innocent in a world in which most of it’s inhabitants are selfish or evil or both.
Irene’s protests against her treatment served only to make things harder on her; the Penance women enjoyed hurting her and making her accept her place. But those experienced ladies knew that pain and suffering weren’t enough to overcome Irene’s learned and innate innocence; only when she was subjected to repeated and nonstop humiliation and realized the hopelessness of her situation would she be ready to begin her new life as a whore.
For the next phase of Irene’s training, Wilbur had been chosen to help prepare her. Wilbur. Short, dumpy, doughy and dim-witted Wilbur. Wilbur drooled and couldn’t carry on a decent conversation, but Wilbur had a fat, ten-inch cock and a set of low-hanging balls that seemed to churn up an almost endless supply of thick cum that made him a terrifying late-night visitor to any slavegirl’s cell. And even more of a horror to Irene when she was given to him to share his cell and serve as his steady girlfriend.
We advise you to treat Wilbur well, they told Irene. He gets frustrated easily and can get very unpleasant if he doesn’t get everything he wants from a girl. That’s why he was in that asylum for the criminally insane where we found him.
Irene could only tremble fearfully that night when Wilbur came back to his cell to meet his own personal girl. “Wilbur hurt you,” the slug-like man muttered, drooling. “Then Wilbur fuck you.”
“No! No, Wilbur! You don’t need to hurt me,” Irene pleaded. She desperately laid down on the stained mattress and spread her legs.

Mary’s hell – Please, Tom, you’re scaring me!

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Mary's hell - Please, Tom, you’re scaring me!

“What are you doing!? Tom, please! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Mary cried.
Tom had flipped her onto her belly and, digging his knee into her lower back, wrenched her arms behind her back and began binding her wrists with thick rope.
“You’re gonna fucking learn! You don’t fuck with me by fucking other men! I’m gonna take you someplace where you’ll learn to become a proper fucking wife!” Tom said, slapping some duct tape around her eyes.
“Please, Tom, you’re scaring me! Just divorce me! Please, I won’t contest anything! I swear!”
“Shut the fuck up, you dumb cunt, I’m tired of listening to your fucking whining!” Tom said, covering her mouth with more duct tape. “Now get up and let’s go.”

She had worked so hard

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She had worked so hard

“Any last words bitch?” he said “I’ll be sure to show your sister the video of this before I do the same thing to her. This is what happens to women with too much attitude.”
Andrea thought of her years spent in college, all the sacrifices she had made to graduate at the top of her class, never getting married never having children, all so she could have a successful career. She had worked so hard.
“It can’t end like this!” she thought. “It can’t!”

Black Star – The Night of the Usurper

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Black Star - The Night of the Usurper

As time passed, they grew less careful about their meetings, which sometimes took place in the intimacy of the Empress’s chambers. One night when the Imperial Megacraft was flying over the Ganimia quadrant, the old Emperor had a rare attack of lust and shuffled into his wife’s bedchamber. His hard-on was flopping absurdly like a blind worm gasping for air. He found his wife and the young Captain groaning and grunting together…
“Bastards! Bastards, both of you!” he shouted. “Treacherous bastards! A whore and a mercenary, you make a fine pair of traitors! We’ll see how you fuck with your cock cut off! And we’ll see how you fuck with your cunt sewn up and your tits removed!”
Helmek Varkonem picked up his gun and pointed it at the Emperor’s head. For a moment his finger hesitated on the trigger. He was pointing his gun at the Master of the Galaxy, the destroyer of the planets Xaga and Dion, the builder of Ringstone…
Chance or destiny had put the most powerful man in the galaxy in his hands… It was now or never…

Mary’s hell – Mary screeched as she went down

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Mary's hell - Mary screeched as she went down

“You fucking treacherous SLUT!” Tom yelled, punctuating his sentence by viciously backhanding his wife.
“AIEEEGHHH!” Mary screeched as she went down. Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest she felt like it would burst, the blood roaring through her ears so loudly she couldn’t even hear what Tom was saying now.
She curled up into a ball, clutching her face and sobbing into the carpet.
“You dumb piece of shit, you fucking cow, how could you do this to me? You just stay right there you fucking useless whore!” Tom said, leaving her cowering on the floor.
Mary couldn’t even understand what was happening, Tom had never hit her before. He’d never even raised his voice. That was the whole reason she’d married him, because he seemed like a harmless old man with lots of money. She didn’t even recognize the Tom she had just seen…

Good girls, sweet girls – Being Uncle Neil’s Good Girl

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Good girls, sweet girls - Being Uncle Neil's Good Girl

“Oh, please, Uncle Neil! Please let me go!” Natalie’s pleas came between disjointed breaths caused by Neil’s jolting fucking that rocked her body to and fro.
“Uhhhh, Uh, Ahhhhhh..,” distant Uncle Neil grunted as he nuzzled Natalie’s sweaty neck while continuing to plow her 19 year-old tight pussy with his sizeable cock. He was proud of the size, girth and hardness of his cock. Bigger than most younger guys and able to maintain it’s hardness a lot longer, too. Right now he was giving this semi-niece of his a thorough demonstration of just how vigorous a fucker an old man like him could be….
It had all began when Natalie had called her Uncle Neil to ask if she could stay at his place temporarily while she searched for a job and her own place in the city. She had only met Uncle Neil a couple of times when he had traveled downstate to attend family parties or gatherings at her house. She had noticed that a few family members – including her mother – seemed to be openly hostile toward Uncle Neil and there were a couple of whispers about some less-than-steller deeds committed some time in the past. But gossip and backbiting were common at those family gatherings and Natalie put it down as things that could be ignored. A wrong assumption.
Arriving at Uncle Neil’s place of residence, Natalie was initiallytaken aback at the derelict-looking building in which he had a basement apartment. But Natalie was more concerned with having a place to live than the looks of the place. Only when Uncle Neil opened his door did Natalie get her first feeling of uneasiness.
“Uncle Neil, what’s with the chains on the door and all the handcuffs and stuff?”
“Got them just for you, sweetie,” Uncle Neil laughed as he grabbed Natalie by her throat…

He was tied up and about to watch her get fucked yet again

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He was tied up and about to watch her get fucked yet again

Tina had begged and begged her husband to take her with him on his hunting trip this time. But as soon as they’d arrived at the cabin, some man in a mask had snuck up behind them and taken them prisoner. Now Tina stared across the room at what was left of her husband. He was tied up and about to watch her get fucked yet again. Tina knew it was all her fault.


Policemen are torturing cute girl

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Policemen are torturing cute girl

If you are interested in seeing some nice-looking, all exclusive and extremely hot adult comics dedicated to bondage and BDSM then you came to the right place, to the nice place where you would find the content from your fantasies. Check up this story first of all where policeman and one office worker are torturing one very cute girlie that was behaving badly and needed to get some discipline lesson. They would do a lot of dirty things with her!


Monks banging enslaved chicks

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Monks banging enslaved chicks

Very cute chicks with nice fresh forms of bodies are getting enslaved by absolutely crazy monks who are ready to do all kinky things with them on extremely hot cartoon bdsm. If you are looking forward to check up this story then just stare at all the stuff that take place in this gallery. Monks are making gals totally bare before tying them upside down and then inserting cocks into all loving holes of bitches as well as doing other kinky things.

Busty cutie punished by perverts

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Busty cutie punished by perverts

Two crazy perverts caught this luxurious busty girl and decided to do a lot of dirty things with her without agreement of the girlie. They both got a lot of lustful thoughts in their heads and it is truth that they are going to satisfy some of these desires with the poor helpless gal. The very first thing they are doing – is tearing clothes and lingerie of the girl becoming aroused from her delights before pushing gag into mouth and tying her up Bdsmcomicsfactory.com

Chained and tortured by pervert

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Chained and tortured by pervert

One mad fellow is doing a lot of very different so kinky things with his enslaved girlfriends bringing them a lot of painful pleasure from that. There are a lot of dirty thoughts in his head and he is making them all to be satisfied with these pool slave girls. He chains hands and legs of gals as well as putting metallic collars on their necks making hotties unmovable before spanking them, pushing sex toys and his own cock into their holes. More at bdsmcomicsplanet.com


Warriors are punishing bad girls

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These chicks were very bad sluts and they needed to get some discipline lesson from these warriors to become better in this so old profession. This gallery would make you impressed so much and so fast. Just better take a look at these pictures where knights are tying up hands and legs of slave chicks before caning them, spanking them and doing a lot of other dirty things with them. Examine the whole actions of these punishments.

Chicks punished for bad behavior

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Wanna relax and get a lot of pleasure witnessing some amazing, extremely hot and so cool-looking BDSM art? Then get congratulations because you came to the right place, to the place where your desires would be satisfied on 100%! Stare at dungeon sex pictures that were made and collected for you in this gallery where kinky and merciless masters are doing a lot of dirty things with their enslaved girlfriends and you would be excited.


Prison punishment xxx comics

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Hot xxx drawn actions dedicated to bondage and BDSM – it is what turns you on and makes you feeling great? Then you should get congratulations because you are in the right place where you would find the stuff you really like so much. Take a look at these drawn bdsm art pics first of all with pretty poor girls who are getting tortured so hard and even cruelly in prisons. There are mistresses and masters who give punishment to them.

Big boobed girlie gets punished

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Big boobed girlie gets punishedHere are some of the best of all bondage and BDSM toon actions that you are able to find on this fascinating web resource! And you should not stop yourself from examining all things that take place here or you risk losing a lot of very cool positive emotions! Become a witness of this story first of all where you would be able to stare at what perverted merciless blonde master is doing with very beautiful and so hot busty enslaved blonde girl.

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