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A tale of chinese slavery – 4

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A tale of chinese slavery – 4


One minute, she’s talking with a handsome, young, foreign exchange student then the next thing she knows, she’s a bound, gagged, and helpless sex slave! Hannah is used most cruelly and severely by her mistress until she finally can take no more.

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Private dick part 1

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Private dick part 1.


Private detective Marcus colt is on the prowl for a stool pigeon accountant, but a tasty tart in a tiny, tight dress will serve as a nice appetizer.
Tiny Vera Carter is a paralegal at a law firm hoping to bring down a small time thug. Unfortunately for her, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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I feel like a god

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Witch hunt
Gloria gasped softly as Gregory’s hand grazed the inside of her thigh. After all the horrors she and her mother hand endured, somehow his soft caress was the most frightening. Her pussy surged with pleasure at his light touch. It was as if her body was confused, it didn’t know what was really happening. No matter how much she told her greedy little cunt to be afraid, it didn’t listen. The more horrible their predicament became, the more aroused she felt.
It had started innocently enough. Gregory smiled at her one day when she was serving him drinks at the tavern. She smiled back. That was what you were supposed to do. The customers were supposed to be kept happy. Gloria’s mother worked in the kitchen and she’d had to beg and plead with the owner to get her this job at the tavern, so Gloria did everything she could to keep it.
But then Gregory hooked his finger and beckoned her to come over to him. He grinned like he was the owner of the world. Gloria was surprised by this, Gregory had never been one of the rich and powerful in town, he’d never exuded this air of authority before, but now at the slightest indication from him, she found herself obeying. She walked towards his table, as if in a daze, and stood before him, waiting for instructions.
There was an old man in black robes sitting next to him, who Gloria didn’t know, Gregory turned to him, ignoring her for the moment.
“Incredible,” he said. “I feel like a god.”
The man laughed.
“These are just the beginnings of the rewards you will enjoy in my service.”
Gregory slid his hand under Gloria’s skirt. Incredibly she did not move back, she just leaned in closer, and whimpered.

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Sarah could only quiver in fear

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Valentina’s story
Frank came up quickly to the girls and showed them the electrode he’d used on Carrie. The metal rod already stunk of Carrie’s pain and pussyjuice. Both girls wrinkled their nose at the smell, full of musty sex and cooked meat! Frank ran his tongue along the length of the rod, and Patrizia blanched, her face growing pale. “What do you think would happen if I rammed this up that girl’s pisshole? Do you think it’d fit?”
Neither girl could even begin to imagine such a cruel idea. Frank didn’t even wait for them to respond. “Oh, I bet you’re thinking it’s not even possible. It is… you just have to push REALLY HARD!” Frank cackled like a madman. “But that’s for another time… we have to get you girls ready for your big debut on the shocker! And with such pretty little pussies, your pierced clits would be REAL sensitive…” Frank ran his hand along Sarah’s inner thigh and pushed apart the poor girl’s legs. Sarah could only quiver in fear. She certainly didn’t want to be next in this madman’s perverted game!

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Tan moved his fingers between her legs…

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Chinese torments
For years, Tan had coveted his neighbour’s wife, Ai. They had known each other since they were teenagers, but she snubbed him and chose to marry his best friend. When Ai’s husband died in mysterious circumstances, she found her life turned upside down. Because he had left everything to his best friend, Tan.
In ancident China, women held no status. They had no power. Tan owned Ai’s house, her property, he basically owned her life. She knew that her only chance of keeping her life was to please him. What she did not know was that he was a man of very particular tastes.
Tan stripped Ai and bound her to a wall inside the house. A small fire was lit. He brought a cane with him, usually used for beating animals and prisoners.
“Tan, please no. Please – I will be a good wife for you!” she begged
“You could have been my wife ten years ago, you whore! But you refused me! Now you must pay.
Tan beat her with the cane, leaving marks all over her body.

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I will do whatever you command

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Francisco had the two girls brought to his private chamber. For a man who preached religion, and simple living, it was a very extravagant room. There were expensive copies of Holy texts all around, and soft luxurious furnishing. He removed the gag from the mother. She simply stared him in the eyes and softly whispered “Please…”
“You think I am not merciful?” asked Francisco, “You would be wrong. A mother would do anything to save her daughter from suffering, would she not?”
Seeing an opportunity to spare Maria, if even a little, her mother offered herself completely to Francisco. “I’ll do anything you want, whatever you need of me. Please do what you wish. Please don’t hurt my daughter anymore.”
“I cannot do that woman. Her flesh requires purification, as does yours. But if you agree to do EVERYTHING that I command of you, I promise that I will give YOU the most difficult tasks.”
Nodding quickly, the mother replied “Yes, of course. Anything. I will do whatever you command.”

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My cunt is on fire, barbarian

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Enemies of Rome
Mr Kane
Sextus was lost in his memories of earlier days. The wait for Gunther and his mercenaries was becoming endless and he was beginning to grow anxious.
Sextus did not know it, but the barbarian Gunther was fighting an invisible enemy. Venera was always ready for sex, but now she was possessed by Isthar’s spirit and she had become a she-wolf, hungrier than ever for sex. The barbarian had never seen anything like it before and he had been unable to resist her repeated requests to be fucked. He fucked her again and again, until he was exhausted and couldn’t fuck her anymore…
He collapsed on the ground, exhausted and lost all notion of time. When he recovered his senses, he left the cave and found that his horse had run off or been stolen, which made things very difficult.
Wondering what to do, he walked back into the cave and found Venera kneeling with her legs apart and her breasts pushed forward. She was masturbating and making lots of little high-pitched sex noises…
“GASP! OH! Fuck me again, barbarian! Fuck me, please!” she begged.
The smell of sweat and woman was too much for Gunther. His head started spinning and he lost control. He rushed over and caressed her breasts, kissing and licking her nipples. The he pulled her to her feet and took her from behind in the ass.
His mind was empty as he fucked her. He was totally concentrated, the way he was when he galloped on a wild horse until he broke its spirit. But he knew that this wild one was not so easy to tame. He filled her anus with the last of his sperm, and fell to the ground again, exhausted. But it was not over for Venera. She stood over him, holding her cunt lips wide apart. The horse was taming the rider…
“Fuck my cunt, barbarian! It needs you! Please!”
But it was useless. Gunther had nothing left in him.
“NO!” he shouted. “NO, you dirty slut! Riding you and your oily cunt has made me lose a real horse!” He trapped her clitoris between her cunt lips and squeezed hard on it.

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The paradise cruise adventure

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The paradise cruise adventure.


Feather, as always, excels at delivering imaginative visual situations for the audience to enjoy. This comic features clever devices for the torturing and training of slave girls, such as the exciting underwater climax. Audiences are guaranteed to see some things that they’ve never even imagined!

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Most of the time, Burt was extremely quiet…

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Hanging women
Most of the time, Burt was extremely quiet. There were people who worked at the factory who’d known Burt for five years and in that time heard him only say a few sentences at most. But once he was locked in his private room, known to most there as simply “Burt’s Office”, he couldn’t stop talking. Whilst he put women through the most unimaginable pain, he would just talk and talk.
Burt’s method was simple. There were always two girls in his office, sometimes more. He wanted his next victim to see what the previous one went through, as he knew that the fear of suffering could be just as powerful as the suffering itself. Despite the fact none of the girls he worked on spoke English, they all understood what he wanted from them.

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Shut up, cunt

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There was a set procedure that needed to be followed, for the punishment to be carried out correctly. Maria did not know what it was and no one was going to tell her. Every time she was led from a room she feared the next would hold the instrument of her death. This day she was dragged into a large room, a cross type device in the middle and not far from a large fireplace. She was grateful for the warmth, but afraid of what it might mean.
“What are you doing?” Asked the girl, shivering.

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Open your legs, whore

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Naked insurgents
Then he placed his stick on her cunt, lifted it an inch or two, and let it fall with an almost inaudible plop. He did this every few seconds.
“Who puts his cock in here?” he asked.
“My… my partner.”
“Who else?”
“Nobody else.”
“That’s going to stop. You’ll be in here for a month, initially, for political retraining. You’ll take a lot of cock in that time.”
He lifted the stick higher and dropped it onto her clitoris.
“We’re going to teach you discipline and obedience, bitch! You’ll learn to respect a man in uniform, a representative of the State!”
He lifted the stick high and waited a second. The woman closed her legs.
“Open your legs, whore!”
She opened them very slowly. She was breathing fast now.
“Don’t hit me, please!” she begged.

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I want to see in that nice crack between your legs

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Valentina’s story
“So… you want to be a model? Then why don’t you show me? Shake that ass… make me WANT you! Unless you want to be kissed again by the riding crop…” John Zingarelli said, lightly tapping Susan’s pert posterior with the end of the riding whip. Susan let out another muffled whimper from behind the massive ballgag wedged inside her pretty little mouth, but she did as she was told… pumping her body back and forth like she was being fucked by an invisible lover and making her tight, toned ass jiggle invitingly in the dim light. Susan’s pretty little face burned with shame as she did such a lewd and wanton act. This wasn’t what she had in mind when she wanted to be a model. She imagined she’d by lounging poolside, eyed hungrily by poor little poolboys while a photographer snapped her in a tight bikini while she sipped a martini. The thought that, instead of being a pool bunny, she would be a dungeon slave, was too humiliating for her to even contemplate. Tears of absolute humiliation dribbled down her cheeks as Susan kept pumping herself back and forth, jiggling that tight ass to the tune of the invisible lover, fucking her relentlessly under threat of a painful whipping!

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Ask me to punish you

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The preacher
de haro
Brother Henry had been in the Church of the Chosen for six months now and he was very happy. The religious side had never been a problem. The sect had written their own holy book which was easy to study and easy to read in church.
The rest of his job involved tying up, flogging and fucking.
Henry liked to go slowly and talk dirty, often with his cock in his hand. This girl was new and he wanted to know more about her.
“Have you ever shown your breasts to a man of religion before?” he asked.
“No, Master.”
She had learnt to say “Master” with the help of a bamboo cane on her naked buttocks.
“You weren’t wearing a bra when you arrived,” said Henry. “Why’s that?”
“I don’t always wear one.”
“Is it to show your nipples under your top?”
“I suppose so… Master.”
“When you wear one, what color is it?”
“You should always wear a bra. Tits like these make men sin!”
Henry wet his finger and rubbed it slowly over both her nipples. Then he blew on them and watched as they wrinkled and became erect and tubular…
He picked up a cat o’nine tails with a knot on the end of its nine leather straps.
“I’m going to punish you for your naked breasts! Ask me to punish you!”
The girl looked confused.
“I haven’t done anything wrong!” she said.

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Her Master wants me to make her more

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Chinese torments
Master Lo was an expert in his art. In Wandeng province, there was no more skilled torturer than him. He was proud of the fact that he had tortured over 1,000 people and none had ever died under his care. Many people did not understand, but the purpose of torture is to make a victim suffer – either for punishment, or to convince them to talk.
He did not really care which they were sent to him for. It was all the same to him. The most recent girl sent to him was Wei-Ling, apparently she was to be made to suffer for two days. He didn’t know why, although he overheard his assistants talking about a refused marriage proposal. In Wandeng province, it was considered shameful to be refused an offer of marriage. For all he knew, it could be the girl’s own family who sent her here.
Lo knew that the largest part of torture is fear. Although Lo was proud of the fact he had never killed anyone, he never wanted his subjects to know that. The entire time they were with him, they should feel as if their life was in his hands. To help with the sense of fear, Lo liked to work on several subjects at the same time. When a new victim appeared, the first thing he did was explain – in great detail – what was happening to the others.
“See Mei over here, behind you?” he said to the girl, as she was being strapped to an X-shaped cross. “We got twenty seven hot needles into her, before she passed out. I thought she deserved a bit of a break, so I’ll let her hang there for a bit. If she doesn’t wake up in a couple of hours, we’ll find a way to revive her. Perhaps the two of you would like to play together?”

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Please obey orders

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Black star apocalypse
Mr Kane
There was a period of confusion after the attack and the pirates took advantage of it to capture most of the surviving women and load them onto their craft. They ignored the probers who would have helped them distinguish between different categories of female prisoners. They only saw tits and cunts.
Thanz ordered the commanders of the mercenary fleet to distribute the women any way they wanted. The more women they had, the better for their cocks, he said. This chaotic distribution left the door open for many Xagians and Republicans to escape from the prisons of the Empire, but at a price: they were abused and raped mercilessly by the primitive pirates. Interrogation sessions were an excuse for all kinds of sexual brutality.
Captain Bronz and Lieutenant Barrow planned to take full advantage of this situation. Barrow was a brutal Azcanac mutant who had once been a paid tracker of Xagians. He boasted about his collection of horrendous trophies made of Xagian skin. But the two men didn’t get as many women as they wanted because they were among the last to arrive in the ruined passageways of Avernoh.
The four women they managed to catch would stay with them, they decided. They had no guarantee that the distribution system would give them any females at all…
“Look at this bitch, Captain! She’s a Xagian, for sure! See her cunt? It’s as tight as the barrel of my pistol. It’s made for shooting practice! You’re looking at a piece of Grade A Xagian pussy there!”
“Are you sure she’s Xagian, Mr Akznaco?”
“Sure as there are satellites on Crudor, Captain! I can’t get my fingers in her! It’s gonna be hard to get my cock in there!”
“Make an effort! I’ll watch while I wait for the warkosa to take effect.”
“Captain, you should keep off that stuff! You know it doesn’t do you any good!”
“Please obey orders, Lieutenant! You found this cunt hiding in the ventilation shaft, so she’s yours! Get on with it and fuck her!”
“At your orders, Captain!”

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Ahh, please, stop, it hurts so much

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The whipping block being used today was, like all of the Inquisitor’s inventions, a very cruel one. It was actually designed as a type of wooden horse – made for the unlucky victim to “ride”, so that it split them in two. The block was pushed into place where Maria’s mother had a good view of her daughter’s suffering.
Maria was forced onto the triangular block before being pushed down. A chain was attached to her neck and held her head down. Cuffs were attached to her feet, to keep them together. Next, a large and heavy triangular block was attached to her arms – forcing them into a deeply uncomfortable position and preventing her from using them to steady herself.
“Ahh, please, stop, it hurts so much!” begged Maria
“You stupid cunt, we haven’t even started yet!” said the officer in charge of her punishment.

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The man in her ass had stopped slapping her tits

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The preacher
de haro
Maria was Colombian. She had answered an advert for a job as a waitress. A few hours after the interview she woke up in a church crypt, bound and gagged, with a big banana-shaped cock in her ass.
There were two men in the room, both wearing black robes.
For a time nobody spoke. The man in her ass just kept banging away at her. Then suddenly he spoke…
“Take that, bitch! You’re all the same! You know men want to see your tits and your cunts and you cover them up, don’t you? Why do you do it?”
“I’m fucking your ass to teach you a lesson, bitch! UGH! It lets me see your cunt too! Take that! UGH! OOOOH”
“You’re a virgin, aren’t you? In your ass?”
Maria nodded.
“So I’m hurting you, right?”
She nodded again. The man grabbed one of her tits in each hand and squeezed them painfully.
He began slapping them around with his hand, forehand and backhand…
“This is what you’re here for, bitch! To be punished and fucked!”
The other Brother stepped forward.
“This is an opportunity to pay for your sins, bitch!” he said. “We’re here to punish you for provoking men and then not showing them your body! We’ll teach you discipline and obedience, whore! Your tits and cunt and ass and mouth belong to us, now, understand?”
Maria nodded.

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It will be my pleasure, my lord

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Goddesses, Queens and slaves
Mr Kane
The music stopped suddenly and the slave stood still, her breasts and her buttocks lifted, offering themselves to the guests, who all applauded enthusiastically.
Ptolemy gestured to the guards and they took the dancer to the Emperor and pushed her to her knees in front of him.
“Tell me, slave, why have you offended the King of Egypt?” Ptolemy asked.
The girl looked him in the eye.
“I am not a slave, son of Ra. I am a free woman.”
One of the guards slapped her face.
“Free? I don’t think so!” said Ptolemy. “You have a foreign accent! Where are you from, slave?”
“From Judea, my lord.”
“Ah,” said Ptolemy. “If I am your lord, then you are not free!” He played a few notes on his pipes.
“You speak too boldly to your lord! But you are a good dancer. I would like you to dance again, for the entertainment of our illustrious Roman guests.”
“It will be my pleasure, my lord.”
“This time we will accompany the music with percussion and singing.”
A muscular slave with brown skin appeared, carrying a whip. The guards tied the girl’s wrists to a ring set in the ceiling.
Ptolemy the flute player blew on his pipes and the guard started flogging with his whip.

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She strained to look the monk in the eyes

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Witch hunt
The ropes that bound the Corinne to the rough, splintered wood of the rack sang out as the cruel torturer gave the crank another half-turn. The helpless girl screamed in agony, her taut body straining as she was horribly stretched.
“So you see the folly of resisting the will of Mother Church, and her blessed Witch Hunters, slut,” said the so-called monk standing beside the rack. Brother Jamison was a new recruit to the Witch Hunters, but he had taken to his work with genuine enthusiasm. The women of Corinne’s village had never expected the Witch Hunters to come so far north, and so had been taken by surprise when the town crier announced a delegation from the Cathedral was making an appearance at harvest time.
Corrine, like so many of her friends, never had a chance. A single woman living in a remote village, she was easy prey for the Witch Hunters, who declared her and most of the other attractive young women to be “suspected witches” within a day of arrival.
“Please, let me go!” gasped Corinne. She strained to look the monk in the eyes, her dark hair hanging limply behind her as she squirmed. “I’m innocent!”

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We are going to teach you about pain and pleasure

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The preacher
de haro
Brother Henry stroked Jennifer’s cheeks and wiped away her tears.
He believed in keeping a woman partly clothed. The scarf around Jennifer’s waist was not there to conceal her pubic hair. It was there because Brother Henry thought it looked good.
“You have a lot to learn, Jennifer,” he said.
She sobbed, but the gag prevented her from speaking.
“We are going to teach you about pain and pleasure,” Henry went on. “Look carefully at this riding crop. It will be one of your Masters now and you must learn to love it.”
He ran the hard leather crop over her breasts, making large circles on each breast and then making smaller circles until the crop almost touched her nipples, which wrinkled up and became tubular.
“You have sensitive nipples,” he said. He pulled back his arm and brought the hard leather down onto her naked breasts…

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Panting and gasping, trying to breathe behind the massive cock…

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Prison camp
Panting and gasping, trying to breathe behind the massive cock gags rammed in their mouths, both these slavegirls were glistening with a bright sheen of sweat across their bound, succulent bodies. They whimpered and moaned, and their thick thighs trembled with the effort and the strain… not just to keep their rotor moving but also to stay on two feet… The girls who managed to stay upright and moving during the grueling 14 hour shift would be “rewarded” with a night of pleasure and passion… for the guards who would gangbang and fuck the poor, exhausted ponies at least!
The girls who did NOT keep moving, however… they had it worst of all. Those poor girls, too “weak” to keep running during the 14 hour shift and who collapsed from sheer exhaustion, were thrown into the prison hole… better known as the prison lavatory! After all, if power lines didn’t run out here, sewage certainly didn’t either, and someone needed to eat up all the shit… A future as a permanent human slave toilet was just the ticket for those “naughty” fillies who didn’t keep up the pace!

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This girl screamed long and loud

June 21, 2018 at 7:55 am | Category: Damian | No Comments

Wild west
There was, perhaps, nothing sadder than watching a proud warrior grow old and weak. The mighty warchief Night Thunder was once one of the greatest and most feared of the warriors on the open plains, beyond the reach of the civilized man. But time pressed on to him, as it does all people, and the mighty Night Thunder grew older and weaker. Most warchiefs would simply accept that time passes for all people, and that an end would come, as it does for all. But Night Thunder was not like most. He had heard of the magical powers of the white man from the east, far beyond the plainsland and the open rivers, and of how they seemed to stay younger and healthier longer than the poor savages that he was with.
Night Thunder did not know how these white devils stayed healthy, but all he knew is that he must take some of that magic… even if it was by force!
His wisest and most trusted medicine man urged him to find a youthful, white girl, one who was a virgin and untouched. It must be some ancient vigor which the white man took from his world beyond the big water, and Night Thunder could have it himself if he… “plucked the flower while it was still in the bud.” Night Thunder did not understand the weird and mystifying magic of the white man, but he would do much to regain the youth and vigor of his days of old.

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They removed the tube from her vagina and inserted worm in it

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Black star apocalypse
Mr Kane
Admiral Samius’s High Command was preparing a new attack. Meanwhile, the prison Intelligence Service carried on abusing and torturing.
Xagian prisoners who had given them all the information they knew were passed on to specialists in experimental corporeal research. This team included brilliant scientists who had been purged and then handed over to the probers, who worked without scruples of any kind.
They subjected the Xagians to the most horrendous experiments to perfect methods of breeding the probers’ worms in a host body. This breeding program had been kept secret from the beginning. It was even kept secret from the Emperor Azrin himself.
The Great Master Prober had been planning this for a long time. He knew that the probers were an endangered species. Their only method of reproduction was symbiosis with worms that were inserted into other bodies. Now, finally, they had a chance to survive.
The Xagian sat on the fucking machine, her heavy breasts hanging forward and vibrating. She looked at the pink worm in horror.
The probers had got all the information out of her that they could. She was ready for worm insertion. The slimy creature would be inserted into her vagina. Her body already contained a hermaphrodite companion which would be able to procreate after programming by the second worm.
“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” she shouted. “Wait! There’s something you don’t know! It could destroy you!”

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Keep digging, you fucking sows…

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Prison camp
The chain gang was a hard life, and it was made harder still by Dominic, the overseer. He walked around in his gross, unwashed tight, white briefs with his cock hanging out like some kind of baboon. The girls didn’t dare to say anything. They couldn’t even if they wanted to. Their mouths were stuffed with massive, jawbreaking ballgags, silencing all complaints.
“Keep digging, you fucking sows! I know there’s a vein somewhere here! If even one of you girls fails to meet your quota for today, you’ll all be sent to the fuckyard where the male convicts will fuck you raw and screaming! Some of you might not even make it out alive…” Dominic said, his tongue lolling out sadistically while he stroked his throbbing cock. “Now… which of you pretties will be my fuckpet today?” he asked, walking behind the mining girls… watching their naked, shapely asses jiggle invitingly with each fall of the pick.

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You’re killing me

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Valentina’s story
“Aahhh… ahhh.. ahhh… AAHHHH!!!!” Patrizia wailed, her pussy being assaulted like it had never been before. Frank was not kind or gentle. He was rough and brutal as he pounded into her over and over again. Even in spite of her horror, her shame, and her humiliation, Patrizia could feel herself getting aroused by this violent pounding. Her whole body flushed red with arousal. Patrizia shook her head in denial. “No!!! Nooo!! Stop!!! Stop!!! You’re killing me!!! Please STOP!!!!” she cried.
“Oh you don’t like it? Perhaps you need another lesson!” Frank said, jamming down hard on the button again! Another agonizing shock rammed into Patrizia’s ass, and her whole body seized up stiff as a board. Patrizia’s eyes bulged again, and a scream of pure agony ripped out of her throat. “AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!” she screamed. Even as she did so, her pussy clamped down hard on Frank’s cock and twitched and quivered, milking his dick for all it was worth!

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