Double crossed part 1

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Double crossed part 1.

Lesbi k leih

Cassie is a good girl who has always played by the book. Through her Ivy league degree, hard work and dedication she has achieved a wonderful lifestyle of wealth and luxury but something is missing.

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The two men holding the spike-studded leather strip approached the shaking Carmen

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Safe passage
The two men holding the spike-studded leather strip approached the shaking Carmen, wrapping it around her body loosely, so that its spikes did not yet press into her chest. They cinched it behind her with straps on the top and bottom of both ends, so that the straps could easily be tightened to any degree desired.
“Your time to tell us the truth about your mission,” Leandro warned Carmen, “and still have the beautiful breasts you and I am sure many others — have come to love is drawing short.”
Carmen shook her head violently back and forth, over and over, and closed her eyes, trying to wake herself from this nightmare. But when she again opened her eyes, nothing had changed. The nightmare was real. Leandro still stood in front of her, and Dominick and one of Leandro’s men behind, prepared to tighten the leather to whatever degree Leandro ordered.
Leandro waited a minute to allow Carmen’s terror to build. “Yes or no?”
“I’ve told you the truth!!” Carmen screamed at him.

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And sent her stretched body into a paroxysm of pain

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“My name is Hassan Sayiid,” her interrogator repeated once again.
“Shiva … Shiva Shamir …” It was little more than a rough croak but it was the best she could manage. She could not understand her own voice but apparently it was enough for the filthy bastard, because his lips now parted in a wider smile.
“Very nice, Shiva … to hold a cultured conversation between two civilized people you should have already introduced yourself!”
“Suspended naked and tortu2red with electric shocks is NOT a cultured conversation for civilized people!”
BRRRZZZLLL … The possibility that these arrogant words would provoke more tortu2re only occurred to Shiva when the electricity tore into the nerve endings of her vagina and sent her stretched body into a paroxysm of pain. She screamed.
“And this young man, with whom you will spend a lot of time today, is called Tarib. Just how much time is entirely up to you.”
He gestured to the tortu2rer, who was standing in front of her, the two cleats held terrifyingly close to her nipple. The most frightening thing for Shiva was that he did not look at her beautiful breasts with the desire to lick and suck her nipples, but instead with the same interest and intensity of a heroin addict eying an overdue fix. It angered her to the point she collected all the remaining saliva in her mouth and spitting it right between the stupidly narrowed eyes.

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You’re killing me

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Valentina’s story
“Aahhh… ahhh.. ahhh… AAHHHH!!!!” Patrizia wailed, her pussy being assaulted like it had never been before. Frank was not kind or gentle. He was rough and brutal as he pounded into her over and over again. Even in spite of her horror, her shame, and her humiliation, Patrizia could feel herself getting aroused by this violent pounding. Her whole body flushed red with arousal. Patrizia shook her head in denial. “No!!! Nooo!! Stop!!! Stop!!! You’re killing me!!! Please STOP!!!!” she cried.
“Oh you don’t like it? Perhaps you need another lesson!” Frank said, jamming down hard on the button again! Another agonizing shock rammed into Patrizia’s ass, and her whole body seized up stiff as a board. Patrizia’s eyes bulged again, and a scream of pure agony ripped out of her throat. “AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!” she screamed. Even as she did so, her pussy clamped down hard on Frank’s cock and twitched and quivered, milking his dick for all it was worth!

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The demand for half-white female babies was huge…

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The Chinns breed yet another western girl
The was an already-large and still-growing demand for slaves in the Third World. Mr. Chinn and Mrs. Chinn, opportunistic entrepreneurs if there ever was one, realized the long-range economics of such a demand. Of course, the physical satisfactions and pure pleasures of this sort of business did not fail to impress them, either.
The demand for half-white female babies was huge. Once of age, those female babies would be perfect slave-female flesh; ripe to provide almost all slave-female talent as unpaid maids, house servants, fucktoys, brothel whores, sex-show sacrifices, breed-whores and even worse. Over the last year, the chins, through their wide range of contacts, had arranged the abduction and incarceration of some one hundred of the best-looking Western girls. Mr. Chinn loved Western girls; they resisted enslavement so fiercely at first but once broken, they were such compliant white sluts. They might cry but they would do it while bucking their pale hips, making Mr. Chinn’s hard cock to do its own bucking, shooting its thick loads of baby-making cum.
As for Mrs. Chinn, she appreciated Western slave girls just as much, maybe more. She liked how they lost their pride after they experienced the agonizing distresses designed and directed especially by Mrs. Chinn. After being broken in and still being repeatedly raped by Mr. Chinn, those girls were so happy to show their humbleness to his wife – and they showed it by bestowing kisses, licking and sucking her sopping cunt and licking and sucking her pulsing asshole and widening their pretty mouth to accept whatever oozed out from Mrs. Chinn’s own excited holes.

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Wild west

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This foolish girl did not get far before the hunters and trackers, well versed in the art of stalking far more cunning and elusive prey, found her. She was young and stupid and weak and left a trail a thousand torches bright. The girl stopped by a lake to try and get a drink, and that’s when they grabbed her!
“No! Please! Let me go!” she wailed, struggling wildly as the hunters grabbed her from out of the shadows. The hunters were relentless, and they tore away her pretty dress and pretty clothes to reveal her naked body. “The chieftain wanted you, alive and unspoiled with holes still tight and unfucked!” one of the hunters roared. “And you dare to defy him and dishonor him by fleeing? You foolish cunt! You must be disciplined and taught your place!”
The hunters tied her up swiftly, just like they would to a piece of meat they were about to skin. The ropes were stronger than the struggling, delicate female as they tied her to the tree with a bit of driftwood found alongside the lake. Her skirt coyly slipped from her hips and revealed her well trimmed pussy. The hunters sneered at this. “I see SOMEONE enjoys teasing the menfolk!” one of them snarled. “I’d better make sure she hasn’t slept around with that whole fucking town!” the other said before ramming his thick, calloused fingers right up the girl’s puss!

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Vicky screamed like a banshee as her stepfather…

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Vicky screamed like a banshee as her stepfather, Victor, began viciously pulling her up by the tits again! His fingers sank into her tender breast flesh like he was kneading dough, and he made sure to dig his fingernails into her nipples and aerolas at every opportunity.
“Ughhhnnnn! Please… Let me off! Please…” Vicky pleaded.
Vicky’s thighs were trembling so hard that the sweat and cum pouring down them was flying off them like a spray. Her pussy was hovering above a vicious edge of wood. Her labia were dark red, even purple in some spots, from where she’d been forced to sit her entire bodyweight down on the wood. She’d been dancing this agonizing dance for nearly an hour now. Whenever the part of her pussy crushed against the wood would finally begin to go numb, Victor lifted her off the edge by her tits…
The only response Vicky’s mother gave her though, was a satisfied moan as she continued stroking her clit.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god!”
Vicky started hyper ventilating as she slowly began to lower herself down again…

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The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
The Lord Caine provided many a “useful” service to his peers and fellow noblemen throughout the countryside. Among those services, which included such things such as procurement and training, was his most requested of all: obedience training! There were, after all, many a farmgirl or arrogant maid who thought herself above the “invitations” of their lords and masters. Many of these girls needed to be taught an awful reality: that they were nothing more than pieces of meat to be used as their betters saw fit!
“Not so tough now, are you?” one of Lord Caine’s friends, Lord Krebs, asked, clutching at a milkmaid Sylvia’s hair so tightly, he almost ripped it from her scalp! The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging on her hair but also from the hot wax dripping down upon her tender flesh! Her lord and master, Lord Krebs, merely laughed. “I bet you felt quite high and mighty when you doused me with your milk pail! But now look at you! I bet it doesn’t feel so good being covered in ‘milk’ now does it?”
The maid Sylvia huffed and puffed and glared at her lord and master, Lord Krebs. “Go to hell!” she shouted, struggling wildly against her bondage.

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