Sacrificing a young virgin in Troy

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tim richards comicsSlaves of Troy erotic comics by Tim Richards expose a hot scene of sacrifice, where a slender blonde gets tied up to the cross completely naked, tortured by the priests and fucked. The sacred orgy makes female priests fuck with each other, licking their pussies and teasing their beautiful body, while the fate of a blond victim is much worse. Though she gets her pussy licked and ass fingered by the high priest of Troy, then her delicious body is going to be defiled by the barbarian, living in the cellars of the temple. His dirty, hairy body and wild nature won’t leave her any chances to escape rough and filthy sex with him.

Hot blonde on a corporate party

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steve comicsThis beautiful babe participates in a performance on corporate party, where handsome and serious boys in power suits enjoy the view of her naked body. More than that, she gets tortured by her colleague, who rips the clothes off this seductive blonde, pulls down her panties and ties her to the stick so she can’t move her legs. Her pussy is exposed to the whole audience, and the guys attentively watch a large dildo sinking in her delicious pink pussy. Blonde gets her ass spanked in front of the public, and judging by the expression of her face, she didn’t think it’ll go so far.


Lustful kidnappers fuck their victims

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roscoe artKidnapping of a hot chick is only the beginning of their job. Those guys aren’t going to demand a ransom, because they’re not abducting those appetizing babes for money. Instead, they have an insatiable hunger for their sweet tight pussies and a bit of humiliation. They mark them with a red-hot brand, tie them up and dig on their wet tight holes. Huge hairy cocks of those guys are able to make the teen flesh suffer. BDSM porn comics expose their victims looking at their kidnappers with fear and getting subjected to various tortures, which are hard to describe with just words.

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