Red in tooth & Claw 2

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Red in tooth & Claw 2.

Kittyhand, Sarenaph

Harry is the star quarterback and team captain of the Hammerheads, the college football team for the Douglass Institute at Midport. His best friend is Fei, a transfer student from China. The two are dorm mates at the Douglass Institute, and Fei is well aware of Harry’s infatuation with his gorgeous, bob-haired lover: Sophie the policegirl!

What are Fei’s motives? Will he help Harry and Sophie? You can only find out here by buying this comic, brought to you exclusively at Kittyhand official website!

Locker room

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Locker room

Celestin, Guido Barsi

An hour later, Christina’s secretary enters the locker room and witnesses her boss being brutally ravished by an angry team of footballers. She undeniably experiences a great deal of pain as multiple cocks are simultaneously shoved into her.

In this remarkable comic titled “The training room” discover what fate awaits these three tarts in intricate and sordid detail, brought to you by the clever mind of Celestin. Only available at dofantasy! Celestin, Guido Barsi official website!

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