Dark universe

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Dark universe


En route to a station, the crew rises up in rebellion and mutiny! They plan to take care of Administrator Cordon and have a little fun with her first, but their plans are waylaid when drones from a mysterious, orbiting platform intercept the ship as it prepares for hyperjump.

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The mocker

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The mocker


Arthur Adams may be a humble janitor by day, but by night he turns into the monstrous Mocker! He likes to torment and hurt poor little girls and will do all kinds of sick and twisted things to them to teach those snotty bitches a lesson they won’t ever forget for the rest of their short, miserable lives!

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Bear’s lair

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Bear’s lair

Kitty Hand

He makes a deal with one of the elder statesmen of this land, Manny Mendez. The deal goes smooth, and everything is arranged and goes according to plan but there are people in the shadows watching it all go down, and they want a cut of the action.

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