Tourist – UK Tourists Julianna 20, and Catherine 33

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Tourist - UK Tourists Julianna 20, and Catherine 33

Disappeared while touring East Africa Republic: Although they had been hearing the warnings concerning the possible dangers of traveling through certain areas of Eastern Africa, sisters Catherine and Julianna had decided that the extremely low travel and lodging rates offered to tourists visiting the small, emerging country called the East Africa Republic was a deal just too good to pass up. Sure, there were the many reports of religious warfare in the outer provinces and the occasional anti-governmental riots and demonstrations; but the regime there, backed by Western interests, seemed to have things under relative control. Besides, the online tourist information sites listed the E.A.R. as having hotels and resorts ranked among the best 4-star facilities in the world. Word was that there would be few problems if tourists limited their activities to areas around the larger towns and the cities. More at Mad BDSM Art.
But Julianna and Catherine, being more robust and adventurous than the usual tourists, just couldn’t resist the lure of exploring the real, genuine aspects of the country; they hired themselves a car with four-wheel drive and employed a trusty-looking and helpful African guide named Tajni. Tanji looked somewhat imposing with his face anointed tribal scars, but he spoke English very well and had the nicest smile. Surely, they would discover more interesting things outside the country’s metropolitan areas.

Black Star – Outposts

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Black Star - Outposts

The outposts were full of people who had made the Emperor very angry. That included all the women he had grown weary of, sometimes after just a few weeks…
The outposts were situated all over the asteroid ring known as the Ringstone. They were border stations, once again needed in the fight against the Doregos, a huge-cocked species which the Black Planet captured and used to penetrate rebel slaves. Recently the Black Planet had also got involved in fighting a new generation of Xagian rebels, among them the female warrior sect of Raxa. It was rumored that the Raxians were the secret sect that had captured and abused him when he was young. They were highly organized fighters and they used their sexual powers to attract specialized weapons engineers from different parts of the galaxy, kidnapping them if necessary. Raxians launched the most effective and most coordinated attacks on the Black Empire. More at BDSM Photos 24/7 It was said that they sometimes castrated captured soldiers, although this rumor could never be confirmed.

Urban brothel sexslaves

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Urban brothel sexslaves

It was time for Tara to earn a little extra money for the Guzman Brothel with her owned pussy. The Senora had arranged to invite a half-dozen of her more valued male customers over to meet and sample what Tara had to offer. Senora Guzman liked to put on small orgies in order to show off her newest slaves; a very effective marketing tool, indeed.
Among all the other new slaves, it was the American Tara who seemed to become the favorite that night As Senora Guzman looked on with stern approval, each of her stiff-dicked guest’s grunted his appreciation of Tara’s most-abnormal snug slave pussy. The young slave-whore sobbed and cried as her fit body shook from the hard thrusts from the several cocks so eager to try to do their best to be the one that made her unable to take any more. The blond American slave girl did her slavish best to use her legs and hips to grind back at them as they fucked her; her fevered bucking working to cause them explode their cum up from their balls. As Tara labored under each man who topped her one by one as she lay on the stained mattress alongside the other slave girls chosen for the occasion. For the first, Tara truly became a fucktoy….


Fear is an important part of breaking a girl

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Fear is an important part of breaking a girl

Fear is an important part of breaking a girl. You have to get her to think about you all the time, even when you’re not there. The anticipation is what really makes her mind crumble. Or hell, maybe I just like watching them shiver and cry.
I creaked the door slowly open. Instantly, she tried to twist her head around. She couldn’t see me of course. All she could see was my shadow, falling over her.
I just stood there for several moments. I enjoyed the way my dark shadow fell across her white skin. As if my shadow alone was claiming ownership over her body. I enjoyed the way she writhed back and forth in terror at the mere sight of my shadow. I guess I’ve always been a poet at heart.
Her body was stiff; ever inch of her naked flesh, attentive to me, trying to figure out what I was going to do to her today. As if there was anything she could do. Sometimes I just open the door and stand here, and then I close it and walk away. Just to fuck with her head. Not today though. Full story at 3D Interracial
I took a step inside and she burst out crying. I was instantly hard. I had so much power! Such total control over this hot little piece of ass! Was it really just last week that she was some cock-teasing little college freshman? I remember the smug look on her face as she walked past all the guys who drooled just to look at her. She used to think she such a big deal. Look at her now, afraid of my shadow.

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