Witch hunters no.6

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Witch hunters no.6


The Middle Ages were a dark, sinister, and suspicious time full of ignorance and misunderstandings of the universe and the world at large. The church reigned supreme and had nigh absolute control not just of the earthly possessions of men and women but their very souls as well! Above all else, there was one thing that the church did not tolerate: women who expressed their natural, carnal desires, especially in the wholly “unnatural” act of loving other women!
It didn’t take long. A merchant’s wife, Marguerite was caught in the very carnal act that the church itself publicly detested but secretly desired: a midnight rendezvous with other, lesbian women! Her husband himself caught lovely Marguerite in the act, dancing and pleasuring themselves and each other shamelessly in the full light of the moon. Unfortunately for poor Marguerite and her lesbian lovers, this act was not seen as just shameful and humiliating when publicly exposed. Her sinful acts would condemn Marguerite and her lovers to the very depths of hell. It was not just a crime to love other women; it was a stain on the very soul itself! The church’s reach would go far and wide to root out this corruption by root, stem, and leaf no matter how far it would go. Marguerite would not be the only one to suffer by the end… there would be others caught up in the whirlwind madness as well… whether they wanted to be or not!

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The queen of deadwood

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The queen of deadwood


She was blonde, pretty, and spirited, like an unbroken filly flowered on the fields. Sheriff Lloyd was one of the better lawmen… or law women… of this land. She knew her town, she knew her people, and she knew her stuff. She could shoot as straight as the best of them, and when she laid down the rules, she meant it. Hot stuff with a hotter temper, Sheriff Lloyd would make this land a just and right place in her own little neck of the woods.
But things turn south in ways Sheriff Lloyd couldn’t possibly imagine when she arrests “Two-Beers” Jack, one of the lowlife thugs that trespass upon this lawful ground. A sucker and scum and certainly not worth much, Two Beers Jack has one thing going for him: his boss is the infamous “Hammer” Jackson, and Hammer does NOT appreciate his men being locked away for life!
The townspeople try to warn Sheriff Lloyd. Some fish are just too big to catch. Some critters are better left alone, wild and untamed in this wild, wild west. Sheriff Lloyd ignored their advice, to her peril. Now she will pay with her body and her holes and maybe… maybe even her life!

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They grabbed a few women and ripped their clothes…

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During the early days of the Revolution
It was reported that all women, except the most loyal allies of the Revolution, would be slaves. There would be no middle ground. Then the power grid went down and it became much harder to get news.
At first, it had seemed like these dire events would have no effect on the tiny isolated town in Idaho where Jacob and Jugs lived. There were no prisons or Revolutionary armies interested in invading their little town. But then Jacob and a few men had spontaneously decided to join the Revolution. They grabbed a few women and ripped their clothes off in public, then gagged and chained them, and paraded them around the street naked. For Jacob, it was the most frightening thing he’d ever done, but also the most rewarding.
Jacob shouted for his neighbors to rise up with him and overthrow the old system.
“The old system has made us all poor and miserable!” said Jacob as we walked the streets. “Men are all forced to beg for the approval of a thousand spoiled bitchy women and few spoiled, rich men!”
“Fuck the old way!” shouted Jacob. “This is our chance! It’s time for men to live the way we always dreamed of!”

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Snatcher 2: Cosprey

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Snatcher 2: Cosprey


Cyndi Walsh is just the latest cosplay hopeful checking in during the height of con season. She’s blossomed out from the scrawny twig she once was, and she hopes to make a big splash on the convention floor with her latest cosplay invention!
Unfortunately for sweet Cyndi, there are other people on the convention floor looking to make a big splash of a different kind. This sick sadist is on the prowl not for rare memorabilia or pictures with the nerdy and famous! No… he’s looking for a girl just like Cyndi: sweet, innocent, young, and unspoiled. This guy is a master mugger. He knows how to pick his targets, how to bring them down, and how to break them in. Little Cyndi never stood a chance.
But things get better for this malicious mugger as the day wears on. It turns out Cyndi has friends, and they want to visit her during the convention. He’s hit the jackpot alright! It turns out that nerd conventions are not only a great place to find fresh, female flesh but also a great place to transport them out and hide them. After all, cons are noisy, the staff is overworked and overwhelmed, and nobody is going to think twice that a sexy cosplay cutie stumbling past is really a helplessly bound piece of puss desperate to escape!
Will Cyndi and her friends escape or are they doomed to a life of bondage submission and slavery??

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Emma’s Grief

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Emma’s Grief


It is the time of Victorian England, of polite society, of uppercrust privilege, and Miss Emma Watling is the cream of the crop. Young, pretty, innocent, and refined, little Emma Watling retreats to her cousin’s estate to escape the trials and tribulations of London society to experience some rest and recuperation out in the countryside. Unfortunately for dear little Emma, her cousin, Lady Wilhemina Strafford is an odd type. Emma always remembered that her distant cousin was a little off, but she was too young to remember why.
Underneath the refined and privileged nature of English gentility runs a seedy undercurrent of cruel, sadistic brutality! …especially against young, helpless, succulent females. After all, the Empire was not willed into existence by being nice… by being “civilized.” Emma fell for all the simple platitudes of her childhood. She will learn the hard way that things are done differently when the need requires…

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