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steve comicsAfter all those vampire, werewolf and zombie sagas you might think that nothing of the kind can make you hot. This means you have not seen drawn bdsm galleries created by the best sex artists in the world. What about a stunning zombie sex story? We are sure you will not walk all alone in the dead of the full moon night after watching every vicious detail of it. See tender young female bodies becoming nothing but sex toys of a merciless dead man. Behold a stiff filthy cock indulged in endless fucking action.


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comicsroberts1Some ladies do not need male care and attention? They despise tenderness and romance. When they have sex no dicks are wanted because they become really hot at the sight of a tight pink pussy! But they do not like tender loving – they enjoy chains, ropes, leather whips and helpless sex slaves. Watch absolutely mind-blowing drawn bdsm sex galleries featuring hot and merciless Queens of pain and pleasure doing their dirty job. Your world will change for good after a couple of minutes spent with them.

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de haro comicsDo you know why medieval times were so cruel and bloody? People had to suppress their sexuality and the power of their libido turned into pure aggression. Convents and monasteries created hoards of merciless sex-obsessed monsters who invented awful tools for destroying human flesh and enjoyed the harshest sex entertainments you can think of. Feel the thrill of pain and pleasure. Check out the most true-to-life drawn bdsm scenes that were taking place in monasteries of the past and might happen in modern convents as well.

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