Sick Auntie takes advantage of her niece

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hines artwork
Old dames are so wicked and cruel sometimes it is impossible to imagine it until you face it personally! Learn from this bdsm artwork about one young slut who became a sex slave of her own aunt. At first the company of old and ugly women tortured the poor slut, whipped and humiliated her forcing the babe grovel and lick their feet and knees. But it was not enough for the dirty-minded aunt. She chained her niece and started to rip her virgin ass with a huge ribbed strapon fisting her roughly into the pussy.

A tribe of black dicks for one white cunt

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roughin artwork
Enjoy this blood-curdling bdsm art gallery featuring the fate of one silly white bitch who got into serious mess. She lost her touring group and was found by some black guys from a local tribe. The poor slut thought she was saved but it turned out to be the biggest failure of her life because the wild fuckers tied her, tortured and made her wet cunt home to their huge and ripping fucking totem! Later every dick in the tribe used the torn pussy of the suspended girl and creamed her well.

A maiden as a main course. Artwork by Ricky

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ricky artwork

These slutty bitches can be served for a starter, main course and dessert. Their plum lips dream about big cocks or sweet pussies, their big tits want to be nipped, their honey pussies must be filled with cum and their peachy asses are longing to be ruthlessly flogged. They can easily bring their mistress or master to the highest feeling of utmost pleasure with their hands fingering a pussy till she is squirting and groaning with pleasure or a cock till the bean-spilling. Being obedient and calm they are ready and willing to do anything you want them to, absolutely anything that your sick mind thinks of

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