The demand for half-white female babies was huge…

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The Chinns breed yet another western girl
The was an already-large and still-growing demand for slaves in the Third World. Mr. Chinn and Mrs. Chinn, opportunistic entrepreneurs if there ever was one, realized the long-range economics of such a demand. Of course, the physical satisfactions and pure pleasures of this sort of business did not fail to impress them, either.
The demand for half-white female babies was huge. Once of age, those female babies would be perfect slave-female flesh; ripe to provide almost all slave-female talent as unpaid maids, house servants, fucktoys, brothel whores, sex-show sacrifices, breed-whores and even worse. Over the last year, the chins, through their wide range of contacts, had arranged the abduction and incarceration of some one hundred of the best-looking Western girls. Mr. Chinn loved Western girls; they resisted enslavement so fiercely at first but once broken, they were such compliant white sluts. They might cry but they would do it while bucking their pale hips, making Mr. Chinn’s hard cock to do its own bucking, shooting its thick loads of baby-making cum.
As for Mrs. Chinn, she appreciated Western slave girls just as much, maybe more. She liked how they lost their pride after they experienced the agonizing distresses designed and directed especially by Mrs. Chinn. After being broken in and still being repeatedly raped by Mr. Chinn, those girls were so happy to show their humbleness to his wife – and they showed it by bestowing kisses, licking and sucking her sopping cunt and licking and sucking her pulsing asshole and widening their pretty mouth to accept whatever oozed out from Mrs. Chinn’s own excited holes.

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They grabbed a few women and ripped their clothes…

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During the early days of the Revolution
It was reported that all women, except the most loyal allies of the Revolution, would be slaves. There would be no middle ground. Then the power grid went down and it became much harder to get news.
At first, it had seemed like these dire events would have no effect on the tiny isolated town in Idaho where Jacob and Jugs lived. There were no prisons or Revolutionary armies interested in invading their little town. But then Jacob and a few men had spontaneously decided to join the Revolution. They grabbed a few women and ripped their clothes off in public, then gagged and chained them, and paraded them around the street naked. For Jacob, it was the most frightening thing he’d ever done, but also the most rewarding.
Jacob shouted for his neighbors to rise up with him and overthrow the old system.
“The old system has made us all poor and miserable!” said Jacob as we walked the streets. “Men are all forced to beg for the approval of a thousand spoiled bitchy women and few spoiled, rich men!”
“Fuck the old way!” shouted Jacob. “This is our chance! It’s time for men to live the way we always dreamed of!”

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Emma’s Grief

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Emma’s Grief


It is the time of Victorian England, of polite society, of uppercrust privilege, and Miss Emma Watling is the cream of the crop. Young, pretty, innocent, and refined, little Emma Watling retreats to her cousin’s estate to escape the trials and tribulations of London society to experience some rest and recuperation out in the countryside. Unfortunately for dear little Emma, her cousin, Lady Wilhemina Strafford is an odd type. Emma always remembered that her distant cousin was a little off, but she was too young to remember why.
Underneath the refined and privileged nature of English gentility runs a seedy undercurrent of cruel, sadistic brutality! …especially against young, helpless, succulent females. After all, the Empire was not willed into existence by being nice… by being “civilized.” Emma fell for all the simple platitudes of her childhood. She will learn the hard way that things are done differently when the need requires…

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She was eager to suck her master’s cock…

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“Not yet, Muppypup,” Johnny held up his finger, signaling the puppy girl to wait.
The look on her face was priceless. Muppypup was so disappointed! She was eager to suck her master’s cock. And perhaps even more importantly, she was jealous that the girl next to her was being rewarded and not her.
Johnny looked into her eyes, gently but firmly. “You haven’t earned cock yet. Only good girls get cock, understand?”
She looked down, her expression showed that she was at once hurt and also promising herself she’d do better (if only to surpass her rival). Once a girl became a puppy girl and all her powers of speech were removed, it was amazing how much she learned to communicate with just her face. It seemed to happen automatically. A puppygirl’s life was defined more by feelings than by thoughts. And each of those feelings was written on her face for all to see, at all times. Muppypup was no exception. It was amazing to think that this eager, dumb slut had once been a resistance fighter. Johnny swelled with pride as he thought about how much the Revolution had accomplished in a few short years.
“Do you know where we are, Muppypup?” Johnny felt himself beginning to grow philosophical. Muppypup cocked her head to the side and gave the confused, dumb look she always gave when she sensed someone was asking a question.

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The Barbarian cunt

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One of the most infamous Whorefighters known by the crowd as “The Barbarian Cunt” stands above an unarmed, defenceless slave. Of course fuelled by her many victories and the crowd chanting her name, the thought of pardoning her 87th kill is not something that would ever cross her bloodthirsty mind.

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The Inquisition Part 9

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agan medon
“Please, master, please! I’m sorry! I’m sorrrryyy! Just let me off! It’s killing me! It hurts so bad! You don’t know…you can’t know! PLEEASEE!” The girl was hysterical with pain, Jose doubted she even knew who she was pleading with.
“This is how we punish anyone who fails to meet their daily quota. Each worker is required to mine at least twenty pounds of rock every day. If they fail they must sit astride the Horse, and the amount of weight they didn’t mine is hung from their legs. Looks like this bitch here fell short by a good five pounds…” Francisco explained.

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Tregau’s only source of revenue was it’s extensive network of brothels…

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Island brothel of the sisters Chang
The female brothel owners referred to as the Chang Sisters consisted actually of Grandma Chang, daughter Miya and granddaughter Niyo. Together, they were a major cog in the criminal underworld that dominated the tiny, independent island nation of Tregau. Tregau’s only source of revenue was it’s extensive network of brothels, low-level gambling and smuggling. Located not far from China, now one of the few stable nations, it had managed to escape Chinese justice only by skillfully pandering to American and Western paranoia toward the emerging Asian giant. Now in this new global chaos, the island’s criminal elite had already begun to stow their ill-gotten gains in overseas banks and financial institutions; sooner or later, they knew that China would likely move to remove Tregau’s troublesome stain from the area – with it’s neighbors’ full approval.
But for bottom-scraping criminals like the Chang Sisters, fleeing was not an realistic consideration. Their sole option, they decided, was to make as much money as they could and flee to whatever safe haven when the Chinese came to clean things up. Ever clever, the Changs arranged to employ their Western contacts to spread rumors that Western women might find a welcoming refuge, free food and support in Tregau – with the Changs’ contact phones and addresses included, of course…

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The pair of men gazed at them like wolves preparing for the hunt…

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Lorenzo and Jose were just in time to see a new batch of penitents being dragged into the quarry, their only clothing the numbers hung around their necks. The pair of men gazed at them like wolves preparing for the hunt.
“Ah, what do we have here…” Lorenzo said, pulling a slender brunette girl out of the line of slaves. He grabbed one of the girl’s nipples between his knuckles, crushing and twisting it.
“Urrrghhh….” The girl squeaked, struggling to hold back the tears welling in her eyes. Her name was Amy and even though she’d only been here two days, she knew that crying and begging would only inflame the man’s passion. She’d heard the screaming and how it had only increased as the men causing it became even more cruel.
“Mmmmm, a tough one. I like breaking the tough ones. What do you think Jose? Is she worth the time?” Lorenzo asked.
Jose stepped up behind her and roughly shoved his cock between her naked, trembling pussy lips. He groaned in pleasure as her warm folds enveloped the head of his cock, and the girl’s squealing as she felt it twitching at the entrance to her hole only made him growl in her ear.

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The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
The Lord Caine provided many a “useful” service to his peers and fellow noblemen throughout the countryside. Among those services, which included such things such as procurement and training, was his most requested of all: obedience training! There were, after all, many a farmgirl or arrogant maid who thought herself above the “invitations” of their lords and masters. Many of these girls needed to be taught an awful reality: that they were nothing more than pieces of meat to be used as their betters saw fit!
“Not so tough now, are you?” one of Lord Caine’s friends, Lord Krebs, asked, clutching at a milkmaid Sylvia’s hair so tightly, he almost ripped it from her scalp! The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging on her hair but also from the hot wax dripping down upon her tender flesh! Her lord and master, Lord Krebs, merely laughed. “I bet you felt quite high and mighty when you doused me with your milk pail! But now look at you! I bet it doesn’t feel so good being covered in ‘milk’ now does it?”
The maid Sylvia huffed and puffed and glared at her lord and master, Lord Krebs. “Go to hell!” she shouted, struggling wildly against her bondage.

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He struck her hard, across her bottom…

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His other hand rose, then, slap! He struck her hard, across her bottom. “Owww! … Oooo!” she yelped, taken by surprise.
Pleased by her reaction, he inflicted another slap on her pump tempting target, then another. He set about spanking the helpless girl in earnest, slapping her buttocks hard bringing tears to her eyes whilst all the while is other hand fingered her cunt.
“Naughty, naughty,” he chided her, “push your pussy into my hand”. Driven by the slapping of her bottom Judy thrust her hips forward, offering her cunt to his probing fingers that delved into the slit, frigging her.
“I think this dirty little pussy deserves some cock, but not mine I’m afraid. If you are a good girl I will fuck you later, but for now I think it is time we made use of this nice toy I ordered for you,” he indicated to the stool, with its monstrous protrusion.

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