Classmates Claire’s tale 4

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Classmates Claire’s tale 4.

Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand brings you some horrifyingly hard stuff as both Claire and Yi are put through their paces by the delicious lady lash! You’ll see Claire as you’ve never seen her before, “innocent” maid for the last time, in this exciting and thrilling episode!

You don’t want to miss this incredible and erotic adventure, brought to you here exclusively at Kitty Hand official website!

Vietnam story

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Vietnam story.


Slasher brings you this new and exciting tale of east meets west as nurse Carrie is put through her paces by these vile and vicious villains from the far east! Charlie has no mercy for these yankee devils and definitely not for a mouthy blonde bitch who doesn’t know to keep her loud trap shut!

Things will get real bad for Carrie by the end! You don’t want to miss this incredible and exotic adventure brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official website!

The house of tears 2

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The house of tears 2.

Ted Owen

Emma’s father was found protesting the government in this totalitarian dictatorship. The family had a choice: either they could all be sent to the labor camps to work and starve to their deaths, or Emma could volunteer herself in order to save her family. In the end, it wasn’t a hard choice to make. Emma didn’t want her mother or father or sisters to suffer, so she would do her duty and pay for her father’s misdeeds.

This disgusting doll will shock her family when they see what she’s been turned into… and you’ll be shocked too… if you dare to peek into this titillating thriller, brought to you here only at Ted Owen official website!

The great heist

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The great heist.


Cagri brings you another arousing adventure with this astonishing achievement in artistic adult action! Hank and Roy will have their piece of this sexy, snobby slut and break her wide open in front of her clients, the police, and the internet itself!

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Collector 2 – Exhibition

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Collector 2 – Exhibition.


Jim Henderson is a man with needs. Even with two hot babes in his household basement, he knows it’s not safe here in the suburbs. He reaches out to his wealthy cousin, Alfred, the president of a booming gun manufactory.

You don’t want to miss this orgasmic chapter in the infamous “Collector” series brought to you by arctoss here exclusively at Arctoss official website!


So all she could do was continue to scream until her throat grew hoarse

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Safe passage
Carmen’s screams filled the courtyard as Dominick tightened the leather strap another inch. She could feel the metal push into each breast in three places one straight into it and two at angles. She again closed her eyes, this time not with any hope that she would open them to find it had been a horrible nightmare she quite knew that it was real — but to stop herself from looking at the blood now oozing more rapidly from her breasts and dripping on the ground.
“With the next inch,” Dominick again leaned over from behind her, “the spikes will nearly meet in the middle. That is not going to be a pretty site. So I think you should tell the Captain why you really came to the castle?”
Carmen’s instincts were to try to pull her breasts free of the leather strap, but she knew that would destroy them even more, so she forced herself to remain as still as she could. This was not as still as she wanted as the pain forced her to squirm no matter how much she fought against it. So all she could do was continue to scream until her throat grew hoarse and her lungs exhausted.
Dominick noticed that the back door of the building where he knew the dungeon was had opened, and he walked over to it. Fernando could see his outline in the doorway, but Saveda was facing away from the door and could not.
“Has yours talked yet?” Fernando shouted toward the figure whom he knew was Dominick.

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They bent her body face down

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Safe passage
As the men stepped aside to await Leandro’s further instructions, Carmen tried vainly to cover her body with her hands while lying on the ground in a fetal position.
“You know, men, I think you have earned some relaxation.” An evil smile filled Leandro’s face. Knowing exactly what he meant, two of his soldiers grabbed Carmen’s hands and dragged her to a vertical hitching post about three feet off the ground. They bent her body face down, her stomach pressed into the post as the other soldiers pounded four stakes into the ground, two on each side of the post, and tied one end of their ropes to the stakes and the other ends to her wrists and ankles, stretching her enough to allow her no movement.

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She was marched down a long corridor and through another heavy door

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Safe passage
After what seemed to her an eternity being led across the entire length of the courtyard in front of the jeering crowd, with the weight of the wooden pole across her neck, Saveda finally heard a heavy door open and felt her foot touch a stone floor. She was marched down a long corridor and through another heavy door. After she was pulled several yards into the room, her wrists were released from the pole, only to be secured to cuffs hanging from the ceiling. The chains around her ankles were replaced by cuffs shoulder-width apart secured to hooks in the floor.

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I bet she’s a slut

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Witch hunt


“Do you know what this one did?” asked Marco.”I forgot to ask,” said the witch-hunter. “I’m sure she deserves it though. Just look at those lips. I bet she’s a slut!””Oh definitely,” agreed Marco. “They all deserve it. It always makes me feel good when I go home at night, to know that I’m spreading some justice in the world. Sometimes, I just like to know their exact crimes.”
Marco dabbed another drop of hot oil onto Sarah. It hissed and smoked. She moaned.

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And then he’d fuck her open with his cock

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Slavegirls in an oriental world


“GLLURRRGGGHHHHHH! AAHGGGGGLLLAAA!” The girl howled and gurgled around the cock in her throat. The cane was viciously slashing down across her swollen and now angry red pussy lips in a staccato rhythm , one blinding flash of agony after another with no time for her to rest.
Rashad groaned with pleasure as she screamed around his cock, but he was disciplined. It would be another hour at least before he came. By then her pussy would be nearly swollen shut from the welts and bruises he was leaving on her…
And then he’d fuck her open with his cock…

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And then you’ll service our cocks

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Roman decadence


As Vinteria watched the two women, screaming and crying as the Romans abused them, she found herself glad she was being tied to the cross. A slow death seemed preferable to a life a Roman painslave or fuckdoll. “Oh don’t worry girl, you’ll only be up there until tomorrow morning. Then we’ll cut you down and you’ll take her place on the rack! And then you’ll service our cocks!”

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Karma part 2

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Karma part 2


Erenisch comics are a grand experiment in erotic story telling. Again and again Writer/Artist Erenisch proves that erotic stories can be red-hot porn, while at the same time, interesting and even thought-provoking. Erenisch keeps taking risks and trying things no other artist has ever tried, and those risks keep paying off.
Each Erenisch comic takes place inside of a shared universe, with recurring characters, each with a distinct personality. Whether you are a first-timer reader, or a devoted follower who writes fan-fiction on the Erenisch forum, you will love this comic! Special focus in this issue is on action and chase scenes, puppy-girl humiliation, and slavegirls learning to enjoy oppressing other women. This comic is not to be missed!

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The queen of deadwood

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The queen of deadwood


She was blonde, pretty, and spirited, like an unbroken filly flowered on the fields. Sheriff Lloyd was one of the better lawmen… or law women… of this land. She knew her town, she knew her people, and she knew her stuff. She could shoot as straight as the best of them, and when she laid down the rules, she meant it. Hot stuff with a hotter temper, Sheriff Lloyd would make this land a just and right place in her own little neck of the woods.
But things turn south in ways Sheriff Lloyd couldn’t possibly imagine when she arrests “Two-Beers” Jack, one of the lowlife thugs that trespass upon this lawful ground. A sucker and scum and certainly not worth much, Two Beers Jack has one thing going for him: his boss is the infamous “Hammer” Jackson, and Hammer does NOT appreciate his men being locked away for life!
The townspeople try to warn Sheriff Lloyd. Some fish are just too big to catch. Some critters are better left alone, wild and untamed in this wild, wild west. Sheriff Lloyd ignored their advice, to her peril. Now she will pay with her body and her holes and maybe… maybe even her life!

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Snatcher 2: Cosprey

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Snatcher 2: Cosprey


Cyndi Walsh is just the latest cosplay hopeful checking in during the height of con season. She’s blossomed out from the scrawny twig she once was, and she hopes to make a big splash on the convention floor with her latest cosplay invention!
Unfortunately for sweet Cyndi, there are other people on the convention floor looking to make a big splash of a different kind. This sick sadist is on the prowl not for rare memorabilia or pictures with the nerdy and famous! No… he’s looking for a girl just like Cyndi: sweet, innocent, young, and unspoiled. This guy is a master mugger. He knows how to pick his targets, how to bring them down, and how to break them in. Little Cyndi never stood a chance.
But things get better for this malicious mugger as the day wears on. It turns out Cyndi has friends, and they want to visit her during the convention. He’s hit the jackpot alright! It turns out that nerd conventions are not only a great place to find fresh, female flesh but also a great place to transport them out and hide them. After all, cons are noisy, the staff is overworked and overwhelmed, and nobody is going to think twice that a sexy cosplay cutie stumbling past is really a helplessly bound piece of puss desperate to escape!
Will Cyndi and her friends escape or are they doomed to a life of bondage submission and slavery??

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Dark vengeance IV

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Dark vengeance IV


In the dark of night, a new shipment brings in some fresh inmates toward their new home: the prison block! But this is no ordinary prison. Run by the corrupt Archibald Bishop, this place is hardly a prison but instead a slaver’s paradise where the warden pimps prostitutes to his captive audience. And wouldn’t you know it, Tyrone and the gang are back in business, and Archibald Bishop is their first customer. He’ll be pleased to see pretty Holly and Brooke, well trained and well heeled whores ready and eager to serve under pain of PAIN!
But Tyrone, Spike, and Dozer aren’t here just to watch the ladies get banged in all their holes and cry like the little girls they are, though that’s a nice bonus all the same. No, they’re here to meet an old friend and remind him of days long past, when the fun truly began, in another life, in another time.
In the seedy underbelly of decadent Hollywood, another set of luscious ladies will meet their fate, whether they want to or not! “Invited” to the party by a waning movie star, the crimes that sent these three away will be committed before your very eyes in their complete and unmitigated depravity!
Sixteen years ago, the crimes that Tyrone, Spike, and Dozer commit are truly heinous! It sent them away for this long, after all.
Pretty CHASTITY MILLS will learn the hard way that her backwards views on black men are not welcome in this world. She will be humiliated, tormented, and forced to do unspeakable, vile things in order to survive. After all, her sister, Modesty Mills, is depending on her… even if Modesty doesn’t know the real deal. Chastity Mills is the gateway drug to Tyrone’s horrifying hellscape. A new adventure is just beginning in this amazing issue of FERNANDO’S DARK VENGEANCE 4!!!

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Chinese torments

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For as long as everyone could remember, there had been animosity between the Chinese and their Japanese counterparts. Though they were not currently at war, you could hardly call the relationship “friendly”. But one thing the Chinese government knew they hated much more than anyone was citizens who spoke up against them. In order to increase the “effectiveness” of their police, the Chinese government sent 100 of their agents to Japan on a mission. Their mission was to learn the Japanese art of Shibari – rope tying, bondage. They learned a great deal.
Mei had been caught stealing, the local judge knew that she had hidden her treasure somewhere. To extract the information from her, he asked his most loyal interrogator to try out this new Japanese art. To judge how well it worked, all of the local Judges came to see the interrogation.
There, the woman was stripped, begging, before being tied and hung in the most creative ways. A bucket of water was sometimes thrown at her, or used to dunk her head in. Sometimes she was whipped..
“Please! Let me down! I promise you there is no more!” cried the woman…

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You’ll learn your place in this household…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“Be quiet, you insolent slut!” the masked lady in red shouted. “You’ll learn your place in this household! You dare to deny your lord and master the privilege of sucking his cock?! Then your bum will bear the consequences!”
Lord Caine smiled as he watched his wife beat the ever loving spirit out of this insolent little girl. He felt his cock grow hard as he thought of the new depths this little tart would go to avoid more pain. He imagined the soft feel of her lips as they quivered around his thick member, how her tongue would dance underneath his shaft, both from trained skill and fear of the consequences should she fail.
“I do hope you’re paying attention, girl…” one of the more “experienced” slavegirls, marked by her mobcap bonnet, said, holding the onlooking, bound slavegirl in place. “This is what happens to those who disobey the orders of our Lord… he turns them over to his lady, the Lady Treble, and she makes short work of them…”

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Surely you won’t forget this favor…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“As you can see, Father, we’ve procured that naughty, teasing tartlet… just as you’ve requested!” the Lord Caine explained, a malevolent grin crossing his face as he swept his hand across the helpless nun squirming and moaning wantonly atop the fine table.
“Oh… oh my…” the priest said, his eyes growing wide at the same time as his cock grew rock hard in his pants. One of the lord’s slavegirls, ever watchful, knelt down and obediently started rubbing the priest’s crotch, causing the holy man to let out a strangled moan of absolute lust as he looked at the teasing nun being brutally ass fucked with her own haughty, holy ornament.
“She was a fighter she was, claiming she was married to The Lord, but we all know how much of a tease she was. Even her own robes could not hide her own wanton lusts and whoring body! Consider this… a gift, from me to the Church. Surely you won’t forget this favor…” the Lord Caine said, knowingly watching the priest’s eyes bulge in their sockets as the nun suddenly started speaking…

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