Classmates Claire’s tale 4

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Classmates Claire’s tale 4.

Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand brings you some horrifyingly hard stuff as both Claire and Yi are put through their paces by the delicious lady lash! You’ll see Claire as you’ve never seen her before, “innocent” maid for the last time, in this exciting and thrilling episode!

You don’t want to miss this incredible and erotic adventure, brought to you here exclusively at Kitty Hand official website!

Bad lieutenant 8: Trafficked

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Bad lieutenant 8: Trafficked.


This series challenges audience expectations, delivering interesting scenes that revolve around a plot full of exciting twists, while still delivering steaming-hot sex and bdsm torture on every page. Don’t miss this issue!

Read part 8 of the fun and sexy adventures! The bad lieutenant saga is a rich world of character and story. Brought to life by author Robinja and artist Arieta. Brought to you only by the dedicated team at Arieta official website!

Vietnam story

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Vietnam story.


Slasher brings you this new and exciting tale of east meets west as nurse Carrie is put through her paces by these vile and vicious villains from the far east! Charlie has no mercy for these yankee devils and definitely not for a mouthy blonde bitch who doesn’t know to keep her loud trap shut!

Things will get real bad for Carrie by the end! You don’t want to miss this incredible and exotic adventure brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official website!

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