Master, have mercy

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Chinese torments
“It was her! Please I beg you to understand! It was her Master Tan! Please stop!” screamed Tina.
Tina and Rita were two of the most popular girls at the local brothel, but the master of the house – Tan – had a problem. A very wealthy white client had visited the brothel and used the services of both girls. In the morning, his pocket watch had disappeared. He was outraged. With his wealth and influence, Tan knew that he could have the brothel shut down that very day.
So, thinking quickly, Tan offered a solution. A very special private show, just for this client. In the grandest of the rooms, two X shaped crosses were erected. The two girls were brought in and stripped, before being bound to the cross. They were clearly afraid.
Before them, the white man sat on a grand throne, setup for him by Master Tan. “This man lost something very precious last night” said Master Tan, “one of you must know something.”
Rita, the girl with the larger breasts looked and Master Tan and said “Master, we would never take anything! Please! You know me, I have been here four years! You know it cannot be me!”
Tina was a slimmer girl, known in the house for her amazing flexibility, “No! Don’t believe her! I did not take anything! Check my room! Master, have mercy!”

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Game Over, mission completed

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Black star apocalypse
Mr Kane
“D0Y076. 6. We are in position. Copy.”
“Ok, Commander Benghor. The target is in the maintenance area. She’s one of the Emperor’s sluts. She has a hobby, sucking the cocks of the maintenance guards. Capture her and leave the station before they miss her. Copy.”
“I can’t see that area on the maps. Copy.”
“Correct, my dear Commander. It’s not there. Copy.”
“Give me the coordinates please! Copy!” The computer was beginning to annoy Benghor.
“Not possible, I’m afraid. We don’t know them. You’ll have to find them for yourself, and then get your ass and hers out of there fast! Over and out.”
“D0Y076.6! Can you hear me? Shit! Can’t we make better computers than this?”
Benghor activated his location systems to find the coordinates of the Imperial space station. He knew he was taking a chance because they could locate him.
The Universal Localizer reported that he was not in the station at all, but in the middle of a desert on the asteroid Imbus. There were always little surprises like this, he reflected…
It didn’t make much sense, but the Emperor’s slut was apparently somewhere out there, sucking cock no doubt…
Benghor committed the map to memory and switched the computer off. He had the feeling that he had been on Imbus before, and perhaps he had because he found the installation he was looking for immediately. It was all too easy, he thought suspiciously.

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Mistress Sadie had worked the dungeon….

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Anal pics
Mistress Sadie had worked the dungeon for over a decade. Her cruelty and wickedness were legendary. She was sent girls from all over the world. Some were sent to her for punishment, others for training.
It was the latter she enjoyed more. Punishment was fun, but it didn’t excite her too much. There was no goal. With training a girl, breaking her in, there was a challenge. The more difficult the girl, the greater the task for Sadie. And she loved to be challenged, to see a defiant and strong woman slowly crumble into a willing and obedient fucktoy.

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For rent

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For rent.


Cindy is one of the slavegirls who dreams of a kind master. After growing up seeing female slaves everywhere, it is unthinkable to Cindy to ever dream that she would be free or equal to men. All she wants is a man to enslave her and treat her a little more gently. She was forced to become the wife-slave of her sadistic uncle, but when she hears that one of the boys Peter beat up was her old bully, Cindy begins to fantasize about Peter becoming her protector. Can such a fantasy ever come true?

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