Bondage motel, Collector serie.

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Bondage motel, Collector serie.


Escape is impossible for this beauty; she’s trapped in the middle of the desert far from any cell towers, and the only people who will help her are her cruel and sadistic masters!

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The woods have eyes part 2

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The woods have eyes part 2.


Professor Fauna Woodley is as hippie as they come: a bleach blonde beauty interested only in cryptozoology and rug munching packs up her hot, slutty girlfriends in a bright, pink jeep and head into the woods in search of the legendary Bigfoot after one survivor of a band of beauties barely bounces back from a blood-curdlingly bad backpacking bust.

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Double crossed part 1

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Double crossed part 1.

Lesbi k leih

Cassie is a good girl who has always played by the book. Through her Ivy league degree, hard work and dedication she has achieved a wonderful lifestyle of wealth and luxury but something is missing.

You don’t want to miss this creamy chapter, brought to you here exclusively at Lesbi k Leih official website!


The levite and his concubine

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The levite and his concubine.


Onan is on the hunt for a runaway slave. He’ll travel far and wide in the wilderness and encounter all kinds of danger and adventure!

Come on a journey to a new world, brought to you here exclusively at Ferres official website!


Classmates Claire’s tale 4

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Classmates Claire’s tale 4.

Kitty Hand

Kitty Hand brings you some horrifyingly hard stuff as both Claire and Yi are put through their paces by the delicious lady lash! You’ll see Claire as you’ve never seen her before, “innocent” maid for the last time, in this exciting and thrilling episode!

You don’t want to miss this incredible and erotic adventure, brought to you here exclusively at Kitty Hand official website!

Vietnam story

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Vietnam story.


Slasher brings you this new and exciting tale of east meets west as nurse Carrie is put through her paces by these vile and vicious villains from the far east! Charlie has no mercy for these yankee devils and definitely not for a mouthy blonde bitch who doesn’t know to keep her loud trap shut!

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The house of tears 2

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The house of tears 2.

Ted Owen

Emma’s father was found protesting the government in this totalitarian dictatorship. The family had a choice: either they could all be sent to the labor camps to work and starve to their deaths, or Emma could volunteer herself in order to save her family. In the end, it wasn’t a hard choice to make. Emma didn’t want her mother or father or sisters to suffer, so she would do her duty and pay for her father’s misdeeds.

This disgusting doll will shock her family when they see what she’s been turned into… and you’ll be shocked too… if you dare to peek into this titillating thriller, brought to you here only at Ted Owen official website!

The great heist

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The great heist.


Cagri brings you another arousing adventure with this astonishing achievement in artistic adult action! Hank and Roy will have their piece of this sexy, snobby slut and break her wide open in front of her clients, the police, and the internet itself!

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Collector 2 – Exhibition

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Collector 2 – Exhibition.


Jim Henderson is a man with needs. Even with two hot babes in his household basement, he knows it’s not safe here in the suburbs. He reaches out to his wealthy cousin, Alfred, the president of a booming gun manufactory.

You don’t want to miss this orgasmic chapter in the infamous “Collector” series brought to you by arctoss here exclusively at Arctoss official website!



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Kirsten was one of the best cops in the New York City Police Department, and she’d been given a very important task. A rich and powerful Canadian businessman’s daughter, beautiful Emma Burton, had gone missing, and it was Kirsten’s task to find her.

Don’t let this dark debut pass you by as Aquila makes an amazing splash, brought to you here exclusively at Aquila official website!

Group X 2 – Framed

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Group X 2 – Framed!


For on the other side of the world, Mistress X’s plan is just getting started. She “breaks in” little Emily, freshly minted and freshly shipped from her posh, accounting career into a lifetime of sexual servitude and slavery!

You don’t want to miss this amazing extravaganza from the minds of Celestin and Naj brought to you here exclusively at Celestin official website!


Tied, gagged and hooded

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Safe passage
It took Leandro and his men three hours to reach the border between the rivals’ territories, marked by a shallow stream. Carmen and Saveda both had begun to stir an hour into the trip, but, tied, gagged and hooded, the soldiers ignored them except for an occasional glance at their naked bodies. Carmen’s breasts, they all knew, were damaged beyond repair, but Saveda’s branded breasts, though unsightly, would not have stopped any of them from enjoying her pleasures if Leandro allowed it. For that matter, with the leather strap still covering her deformed breasts, they all would also have enjoyed Carmen’s remaining charms if given the opportunity.
The men startled for a second, and prepared for battle, when they saw a small band of ruffians in the distance ride toward them. After a few seconds, though, Leandro recognized them as men loyal to the King who could not yet know of his demise.
“Caleb, you are awfully close to the border,” Leandro chided the ruffians’ leader with a smile.
“We have no choice, friend, but to carry our raids across the border, since no one from the Duke’s castle ever enters the King’s territory anymore.” He noticed the two carts and rode closer to examine their contents. “Except two women passed by this morning. But we could see that several King’s guards were protecting them from a distance. In fact, an advance scout told us they were traveling to see the King and we were not to approach them for any reason. Are these the two?”

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Tormentor Inc.

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Tormentor Inc.


Does she have a hope of survival? Can this crying, creaming cutie soften a jaded man’s heart? Or will she be thrown out with the rest of the trash?!

You don’t want to miss this incredible issue, the latest from the legendary Slasher, brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official website!


So all she could do was continue to scream until her throat grew hoarse

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Safe passage
Carmen’s screams filled the courtyard as Dominick tightened the leather strap another inch. She could feel the metal push into each breast in three places one straight into it and two at angles. She again closed her eyes, this time not with any hope that she would open them to find it had been a horrible nightmare she quite knew that it was real — but to stop herself from looking at the blood now oozing more rapidly from her breasts and dripping on the ground.
“With the next inch,” Dominick again leaned over from behind her, “the spikes will nearly meet in the middle. That is not going to be a pretty site. So I think you should tell the Captain why you really came to the castle?”
Carmen’s instincts were to try to pull her breasts free of the leather strap, but she knew that would destroy them even more, so she forced herself to remain as still as she could. This was not as still as she wanted as the pain forced her to squirm no matter how much she fought against it. So all she could do was continue to scream until her throat grew hoarse and her lungs exhausted.
Dominick noticed that the back door of the building where he knew the dungeon was had opened, and he walked over to it. Fernando could see his outline in the doorway, but Saveda was facing away from the door and could not.
“Has yours talked yet?” Fernando shouted toward the figure whom he knew was Dominick.

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The two men holding the spike-studded leather strip approached the shaking Carmen

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Safe passage
The two men holding the spike-studded leather strip approached the shaking Carmen, wrapping it around her body loosely, so that its spikes did not yet press into her chest. They cinched it behind her with straps on the top and bottom of both ends, so that the straps could easily be tightened to any degree desired.
“Your time to tell us the truth about your mission,” Leandro warned Carmen, “and still have the beautiful breasts you and I am sure many others — have come to love is drawing short.”
Carmen shook her head violently back and forth, over and over, and closed her eyes, trying to wake herself from this nightmare. But when she again opened her eyes, nothing had changed. The nightmare was real. Leandro still stood in front of her, and Dominick and one of Leandro’s men behind, prepared to tighten the leather to whatever degree Leandro ordered.
Leandro waited a minute to allow Carmen’s terror to build. “Yes or no?”
“I’ve told you the truth!!” Carmen screamed at him.

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His hands well within reach of her naked breasts

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Safe passage
“And you couldn’t have just told me that right away? I could already be on my way back to my brother, since obviously this is nothing more than a charade.” Saveda berated the newly-promoted General Fernando.
“Well, I had to protect myself from you just as I would have protected the King,” Fernando responded coolly. “So are you interested in a discussion or not? If you are, what terms do you propose?” He took several steps toward her, his hands well within reach of her naked breasts.
“Both sides lay down their arms and stop their military buildup.” Saveda had rehearsed on the ride to the castle what she would propose. “Each side will select three persons to meet with three chosen by the other side to negotiate fair boundaries for the disputed territories. And then the two sides will sign a pact that each will assist the other should it be attacked by any outside force.” But Saveda knew that, while the King might have listened objectively to her proposal, and realized its merit, there was no chance that Fernando would. Hadn’t he made clear that the King was murdered because the military felt he was too liberal in his desire for peace with the Duke? And hadn’t he also told her that his terms would be stricter than the King’s?
Fernando’s reply to Saveda was as well rehearsed as hers had been. “Those terms might be reasonable to your side, or to any side that did not have such military superiority over the other, as we do over yours. Your brother must recognize that in any peace negotiations.”

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They bent her body face down

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Safe passage
As the men stepped aside to await Leandro’s further instructions, Carmen tried vainly to cover her body with her hands while lying on the ground in a fetal position.
“You know, men, I think you have earned some relaxation.” An evil smile filled Leandro’s face. Knowing exactly what he meant, two of his soldiers grabbed Carmen’s hands and dragged her to a vertical hitching post about three feet off the ground. They bent her body face down, her stomach pressed into the post as the other soldiers pounded four stakes into the ground, two on each side of the post, and tied one end of their ropes to the stakes and the other ends to her wrists and ankles, stretching her enough to allow her no movement.

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She was marched down a long corridor and through another heavy door

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Safe passage
After what seemed to her an eternity being led across the entire length of the courtyard in front of the jeering crowd, with the weight of the wooden pole across her neck, Saveda finally heard a heavy door open and felt her foot touch a stone floor. She was marched down a long corridor and through another heavy door. After she was pulled several yards into the room, her wrists were released from the pole, only to be secured to cuffs hanging from the ceiling. The chains around her ankles were replaced by cuffs shoulder-width apart secured to hooks in the floor.

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Middle fingers deeply into her vagina

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Safe passage
Fernando and Humberto approached Saveda. Humberto moved his hand down between her legs and thrust his ring and middle fingers deeply into her vagina. She was grateful that her fear had moistened her enough that the violation was not painful, only humiliating. Humberto moved his fingers from side to side, staring at her face to see her reaction. Saveda tried to remain stoic.
“Anything?” Fernando asked.
“Oh, I’m sure that she has used this before as a weapon. But there is nothing else.”
Humberto removed his fingers and quickly grabbed Saveda’s neck to force her to bend her body at the waist until its upper half was parallel to the floor. Fernando’s fingers pushed hard into her anus, and she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming in pain.
When Fernando finally withdrew his fingers, Humberto straightened her body. “Open your mouth,” Fernando ordered, “and don’t even think about biting my fingers.” Slowly Saveda obeyed, and Fernando stuck the same fingers that had just probed her anus into her mouth, moving them from side to side in her cheeks, around the back of her teeth and under her tongue before withdrawing them. Saveda did all she could do to keep from gagging.

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The bastards had hung her by the arms

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Drip … drip… drip … the permanently annoying dripping of a leaky faucet was her first perception. Followed closely by the pain! Neck and arms, shoulders and hinges protested so loudly against their intended treatment that she could barely avoid screaming. Shiva clenched her teeth, forcing herself to calm breaths to clear the mist from her head. Apparently she had been drugged, for how long she could only guess …
After all, their effect had diminished; she did not know if this was intented by her captors or not, but she certainly did not want to ruin a possible element of surprise – perhaps her only chance at all.
The bastards had hung her by the arms, and she had been hanging like that for a while now, following the pain of her elongated and overstretched arms. Her hands were completely numb, dead and she laboriously suppressed the temptation to move her fingers as a test.
The air smelled … bad! Blood, sweat with a hint of vomit and feces, barely covered with cheap, harsh detergent. And smoke, cigarette smoke! Not only stale but now a light breeze also brought fresh one to her. So she was not alone. Someone was here and certainly watched her.
With this realization, she suddenly noticed her nakedness. She could not feel any tiny bits of clothing on her skin! So she hung outstretched and completely naked in some goddamn dungeon and was extensively looked at by at least one, certainly drooling asshole.
She wondered if she already … well, she could not feel anything unusual between her legs and a quick blink also showed no visible traces.
“No matter, nothing felt, nothing happened, there are more important things now!” Again she opened her eyes a small slit. Her feet dangled an arm’s length above dirty, spattered cement floors. A very sturdy-looking leather strap lay around her ankles, banding her with an iron grip that seemed to be bolted to the floor. The knots looked lousy, but were enough, as long as they did not touch their fingers … and those fingers hung like dead meat lumps two meters up. So there was nothing to do for now!
She forced herself to rest and listened. Breaths, creaking of a chair … it came from behind and a little way above her. Besides, she did not hear a single word, so after a while she was pretty sure that he was alone. After a while she could hear him stubbing out a cigarette. And it was not long before he lit a new one.

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Enslaved without a cause 4

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Enslaved without a cause 4.


Sandy’s dropped like a smoking hot rock when the king’s had enough of her slutting it up, and you won’t believe where she ends up! Sandy’s winding path through the star studded fifties has only just begun as a new madam shows up to really turn up the heat!

You don’t want to miss this excellent extravaganza, brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official website!


Trick and treat 4

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Trick and treat 4.


You won’t believe the shocking, twist ending to this halloween horror show! Punk girl sarah is put through her paces as she’s used, degraded, violated, and her own body betrays her!

Don’t miss this incredible issue, brought to you here exclusively at Slasher official website!

Private dick part 3

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Private dick part 3.


Things get real hot in this dark, dark town when marcus colt delivers a skinny stool pigeon to his thuggish employer in this final, unbelievable finale!
Little joey is happy the accountant is in hand, but joey decides to “renegotiate” the deal, and pretty, little vera carter is definitely on the menu!

This page, at high resolution, is available for all my patrons on Hawke official website!


Tourist trap 2

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Things go from bad to worse for Hannah and Madison as they’re taken over and over and over again by these lusty and insatiable masked, biker men. Their lovely holes are twitching and sore from all the fucking they’ve had to go through, their brains are addled by all the constant sex and orgasms, but there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

The stakes keep getting bigger and bigger in this dramatic issue jam packed with hot, hot, hot action! you don’t want to miss this explosive issue, brought to you here in this world exclusive at!



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Erenisch is a master of the erotic and exciting and makes another amazing, complex, and satisfying comic in this incredible issue! An amazing storyteller with limitless possibilities, Erenisch never fails to deliver! This meta comic will give you a new perspective not just on the erenischverse but perhaps our own as well!

You don’t want to miss this incredible, indelible, and orgasmic comic sure to please you from your heads down to your toes, brought to you here exclusively at!


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