Lesbian Models Hell. Comics by Bojan.

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bojan comicsDana and Lisa are 2 beautiful, inaccessible models who run a successful modeling agency. One night they decide to leave a boring lezbian party in one of the cooler Las Vegas clubs. They
want to get home quickly. They are both feeling aroused, so aroused that they stop and kiss passionately in the middle of the avenue.
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Torque artwork. Medieval pleasures.

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torque artwork

Medieval torturers from the Holy Inquisition were weird chaps with splendid imagination. They martyrized their ravins with red-hot tongs, chains, scourges and scalding wax. Tortures squeezed the nipples of infernally beautiful witches, flogged their sweet asses, fucked their hairy pussies and hungry mouths or just masturbated on them. The fight against the witchcraft was full of agony and pleasure.

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Stanton artwork. Weekdays of an old bordel.

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stanton artwork

Blond, brunette and red-haired enslaved whores with big tits, sweet pussies and hot tongues from this bordel are always ready to satisfy all the demands of the masters and mistresses. They must be flogged, bound and fucked into all holes. One can do everything with these obedient slaves. Their skin is soft and plushy, their lips and mouths are skilled, their throats, pussies and asses are so deep and flexible that it makes you want to penetrate them deeply and hammer the shit deep into the seductive body of the slutty chicks, and their eyes are always full of desire.

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