He lifted her up and planted her right on his cock…

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Brutal whipping
The man left the room and Jane’s blindfold was removed. “Jane, what’s there?” asked Jessica. Before she knew it , she was gripped tightly by an enormous man. He lifted her up and planted her right on his cock. “Oh my God! No please! Stop!”
“Shut up you stupid Western cunt” the voice whispered in her ear. “I want to enjoy the sound of your friends suffering. You should consider yourself lucky. Unless you would want to trade places with her?”
“What are you doing to her? Jane! What are they doing to you?”
All Jessica could hear were coughs and cries. Jane was being lifted up, a tight noose around her neck. A crotch rope had been roughly tied around her hips and running through her pussy. At least for now they wouldn’t be fucking her like they were her friend. They pulled her up again. She was nearly on tip-toes. “Oh my God” she thought “They’re going to fucking HANG ME! They can’t! I’m American!”

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