If your neighbor is a pervert

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nilsson artwork
If you enjoy bondage artwork take a look at this bdsm comix! A pretty blond chick was invited by her neighbor for a cup of tea. Instead of cookies and a pleasant chat the silly slut was tied and crucified. Her lovely mouth received a huge plug and her nipples a couple of clothes-pegs! Later the dirty kinkster started drilling and stretching the miserable slut with huge and dangerous dildos and his own throbbing dick in addition!

Do you sucking work, slave!

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yasuda art
This Japanese bondage art is amazingly beautiful. A rich businessman from Japan bought a white sex slave to satisfy every kinky fantasy the stag has. The sick male enjoys the artistic bondage squeezing the full boobs and shapely butts of the red-haired slave and orders her to be a very good girl now and please the naughty love-tool of the Master with her gorgeous lips sucking him dry and clean. Laterwards her pussy gets acquainted with a scary spiked dildo.

How deep is this African twat?

July 5, 2010 at 1:40 pm, Category: Aries, BDSM Comics | No Comments

aries comics
Enjoy another bright and vivid bdsm comix! This group of white rascals is a real nightmare for black people. They kidnap one pretty black slut after another to practice their cruel games. Tight bondage, torturing and humiliating the poor chocolate chicks is the best pleasure they can think of. They know that no white cock is big enough for a black pussy that is why they have a lot of ripping-huge dildos in store! So beware!

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