Sarah could only quiver in fear

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Valentina’s story
Frank came up quickly to the girls and showed them the electrode he’d used on Carrie. The metal rod already stunk of Carrie’s pain and pussyjuice. Both girls wrinkled their nose at the smell, full of musty sex and cooked meat! Frank ran his tongue along the length of the rod, and Patrizia blanched, her face growing pale. “What do you think would happen if I rammed this up that girl’s pisshole? Do you think it’d fit?”
Neither girl could even begin to imagine such a cruel idea. Frank didn’t even wait for them to respond. “Oh, I bet you’re thinking it’s not even possible. It is… you just have to push REALLY HARD!” Frank cackled like a madman. “But that’s for another time… we have to get you girls ready for your big debut on the shocker! And with such pretty little pussies, your pierced clits would be REAL sensitive…” Frank ran his hand along Sarah’s inner thigh and pushed apart the poor girl’s legs. Sarah could only quiver in fear. She certainly didn’t want to be next in this madman’s perverted game!

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Tan moved his fingers between her legs…

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Chinese torments
For years, Tan had coveted his neighbour’s wife, Ai. They had known each other since they were teenagers, but she snubbed him and chose to marry his best friend. When Ai’s husband died in mysterious circumstances, she found her life turned upside down. Because he had left everything to his best friend, Tan.
In ancident China, women held no status. They had no power. Tan owned Ai’s house, her property, he basically owned her life. She knew that her only chance of keeping her life was to please him. What she did not know was that he was a man of very particular tastes.
Tan stripped Ai and bound her to a wall inside the house. A small fire was lit. He brought a cane with him, usually used for beating animals and prisoners.
“Tan, please no. Please – I will be a good wife for you!” she begged
“You could have been my wife ten years ago, you whore! But you refused me! Now you must pay.
Tan beat her with the cane, leaving marks all over her body.

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I will do whatever you command

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Francisco had the two girls brought to his private chamber. For a man who preached religion, and simple living, it was a very extravagant room. There were expensive copies of Holy texts all around, and soft luxurious furnishing. He removed the gag from the mother. She simply stared him in the eyes and softly whispered “Please…”
“You think I am not merciful?” asked Francisco, “You would be wrong. A mother would do anything to save her daughter from suffering, would she not?”
Seeing an opportunity to spare Maria, if even a little, her mother offered herself completely to Francisco. “I’ll do anything you want, whatever you need of me. Please do what you wish. Please don’t hurt my daughter anymore.”
“I cannot do that woman. Her flesh requires purification, as does yours. But if you agree to do EVERYTHING that I command of you, I promise that I will give YOU the most difficult tasks.”
Nodding quickly, the mother replied “Yes, of course. Anything. I will do whatever you command.”

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My cunt is on fire, barbarian

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Enemies of Rome
Mr Kane
Sextus was lost in his memories of earlier days. The wait for Gunther and his mercenaries was becoming endless and he was beginning to grow anxious.
Sextus did not know it, but the barbarian Gunther was fighting an invisible enemy. Venera was always ready for sex, but now she was possessed by Isthar’s spirit and she had become a she-wolf, hungrier than ever for sex. The barbarian had never seen anything like it before and he had been unable to resist her repeated requests to be fucked. He fucked her again and again, until he was exhausted and couldn’t fuck her anymore…
He collapsed on the ground, exhausted and lost all notion of time. When he recovered his senses, he left the cave and found that his horse had run off or been stolen, which made things very difficult.
Wondering what to do, he walked back into the cave and found Venera kneeling with her legs apart and her breasts pushed forward. She was masturbating and making lots of little high-pitched sex noises…
“GASP! OH! Fuck me again, barbarian! Fuck me, please!” she begged.
The smell of sweat and woman was too much for Gunther. His head started spinning and he lost control. He rushed over and caressed her breasts, kissing and licking her nipples. The he pulled her to her feet and took her from behind in the ass.
His mind was empty as he fucked her. He was totally concentrated, the way he was when he galloped on a wild horse until he broke its spirit. But he knew that this wild one was not so easy to tame. He filled her anus with the last of his sperm, and fell to the ground again, exhausted. But it was not over for Venera. She stood over him, holding her cunt lips wide apart. The horse was taming the rider…
“Fuck my cunt, barbarian! It needs you! Please!”
But it was useless. Gunther had nothing left in him.
“NO!” he shouted. “NO, you dirty slut! Riding you and your oily cunt has made me lose a real horse!” He trapped her clitoris between her cunt lips and squeezed hard on it.

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