I will do whatever you command

August 11, 2018 at 12:09 am, Category: 3d, BDSM Comics, Riodoro

Francisco had the two girls brought to his private chamber. For a man who preached religion, and simple living, it was a very extravagant room. There were expensive copies of Holy texts all around, and soft luxurious furnishing. He removed the gag from the mother. She simply stared him in the eyes and softly whispered “Please…”
“You think I am not merciful?” asked Francisco, “You would be wrong. A mother would do anything to save her daughter from suffering, would she not?”
Seeing an opportunity to spare Maria, if even a little, her mother offered herself completely to Francisco. “I’ll do anything you want, whatever you need of me. Please do what you wish. Please don’t hurt my daughter anymore.”
“I cannot do that woman. Her flesh requires purification, as does yours. But if you agree to do EVERYTHING that I command of you, I promise that I will give YOU the most difficult tasks.”
Nodding quickly, the mother replied “Yes, of course. Anything. I will do whatever you command.”

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