She was eager to suck her master’s cock…

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“Not yet, Muppypup,” Johnny held up his finger, signaling the puppy girl to wait.
The look on her face was priceless. Muppypup was so disappointed! She was eager to suck her master’s cock. And perhaps even more importantly, she was jealous that the girl next to her was being rewarded and not her.
Johnny looked into her eyes, gently but firmly. “You haven’t earned cock yet. Only good girls get cock, understand?”
She looked down, her expression showed that she was at once hurt and also promising herself she’d do better (if only to surpass her rival). Once a girl became a puppy girl and all her powers of speech were removed, it was amazing how much she learned to communicate with just her face. It seemed to happen automatically. A puppygirl’s life was defined more by feelings than by thoughts. And each of those feelings was written on her face for all to see, at all times. Muppypup was no exception. It was amazing to think that this eager, dumb slut had once been a resistance fighter. Johnny swelled with pride as he thought about how much the Revolution had accomplished in a few short years.
“Do you know where we are, Muppypup?” Johnny felt himself beginning to grow philosophical. Muppypup cocked her head to the side and gave the confused, dumb look she always gave when she sensed someone was asking a question.

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Tell me have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of lesbian sex before…

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The judge
“Hello you must be Stephanie and I’m Judge Parks, come in my dear,” said the occupant of the room. Stephanie drew back a look of surprise changing to one of horror as she realized the occupant of this bedroom was a woman, a naked woman, middle aged, dark haired and quite unattractive. “My, you are a pretty one aren’t you. Tell me have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of lesbian sex before?”
“N … no …,” she shook her head vehemently. She had expected a man, even an old and ugly one, but this was worse, much worse, she felt sick inside, god she couldn’t be expected to go through with this, not with a woman, it was disgusting.
“Well then it will be a new experience you and you will address me as Ma’am.” The woman reached out with one hand running the tips of her fingers over the girl’s left breast, Stephanie instinctively pulled back from the woman’s caress.
Noreen Parks was secretly delighted at this response; it was what she enjoyed, to compel a normally heterosexual girl into performing lesbian sex with her.

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