Do you sucking work, slave!

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yasuda art
This Japanese bondage art is amazingly beautiful. A rich businessman from Japan bought a white sex slave to satisfy every kinky fantasy the stag has. The sick male enjoys the artistic bondage squeezing the full boobs and shapely butts of the red-haired slave and orders her to be a very good girl now and please the naughty love-tool of the Master with her gorgeous lips sucking him dry and clean. Laterwards her pussy gets acquainted with a scary spiked dildo.

The blond’s first encounter with her Master

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yasuda art
This kinky bondage artwork has a lot to offer. It is hot, beautiful and extremely dirty at the same time. A prefect blond was kidnapped and sold to be a sex slave in some faraway oriental country. The first association with the Master is rather tough. There is a tight bondage on the sweet body and the mouth-plug does not let her utter a single word! The poor white bitch is explained she was rather expensive to buy that is why she must serve to the best of her abilities and fulfill every perverted desire of the Master and his friend.

A ripping day for a redhead. Yasuda.

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yasuda artwork
This Japanese bondage artwork is really beautiful and awesome! A middle-aged man bought himself a sex slave, a very pretty and shapely white girl with perfect boobs and red hair. He tied the poor slut in the most cruel but artistic manner and placed a thick rope with rough knots between her gorgeous legs. The wicked male made the chick rub her clit against the knot to wet the rope with her sweet pussy juice before fucking her!

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