Middle fingers deeply into her vagina

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Safe passage
Fernando and Humberto approached Saveda. Humberto moved his hand down between her legs and thrust his ring and middle fingers deeply into her vagina. She was grateful that her fear had moistened her enough that the violation was not painful, only humiliating. Humberto moved his fingers from side to side, staring at her face to see her reaction. Saveda tried to remain stoic.
“Anything?” Fernando asked.
“Oh, I’m sure that she has used this before as a weapon. But there is nothing else.”
Humberto removed his fingers and quickly grabbed Saveda’s neck to force her to bend her body at the waist until its upper half was parallel to the floor. Fernando’s fingers pushed hard into her anus, and she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming in pain.
When Fernando finally withdrew his fingers, Humberto straightened her body. “Open your mouth,” Fernando ordered, “and don’t even think about biting my fingers.” Slowly Saveda obeyed, and Fernando stuck the same fingers that had just probed her anus into her mouth, moving them from side to side in her cheeks, around the back of her teeth and under her tongue before withdrawing them. Saveda did all she could do to keep from gagging.

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Marie Stuart, Queen of the Scots

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Marie Stuart
Some weeks ago Marie Stuart, Queen of the Scots, had been captured by the rebelish Lords and was brought as prisoner to Lochlevel Castle.
In this night Lord Lindsay visited her in the dungeon to fotce her to sogn the letter of resignation…

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The bastards had hung her by the arms

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Drip … drip… drip … the permanently annoying dripping of a leaky faucet was her first perception. Followed closely by the pain! Neck and arms, shoulders and hinges protested so loudly against their intended treatment that she could barely avoid screaming. Shiva clenched her teeth, forcing herself to calm breaths to clear the mist from her head. Apparently she had been drugged, for how long she could only guess …
After all, their effect had diminished; she did not know if this was intented by her captors or not, but she certainly did not want to ruin a possible element of surprise – perhaps her only chance at all.
The bastards had hung her by the arms, and she had been hanging like that for a while now, following the pain of her elongated and overstretched arms. Her hands were completely numb, dead and she laboriously suppressed the temptation to move her fingers as a test.
The air smelled … bad! Blood, sweat with a hint of vomit and feces, barely covered with cheap, harsh detergent. And smoke, cigarette smoke! Not only stale but now a light breeze also brought fresh one to her. So she was not alone. Someone was here and certainly watched her.
With this realization, she suddenly noticed her nakedness. She could not feel any tiny bits of clothing on her skin! So she hung outstretched and completely naked in some goddamn dungeon and was extensively looked at by at least one, certainly drooling asshole.
She wondered if she already … well, she could not feel anything unusual between her legs and a quick blink also showed no visible traces.
“No matter, nothing felt, nothing happened, there are more important things now!” Again she opened her eyes a small slit. Her feet dangled an arm’s length above dirty, spattered cement floors. A very sturdy-looking leather strap lay around her ankles, banding her with an iron grip that seemed to be bolted to the floor. The knots looked lousy, but were enough, as long as they did not touch their fingers … and those fingers hung like dead meat lumps two meters up. So there was nothing to do for now!
She forced herself to rest and listened. Breaths, creaking of a chair … it came from behind and a little way above her. Besides, she did not hear a single word, so after a while she was pretty sure that he was alone. After a while she could hear him stubbing out a cigarette. And it was not long before he lit a new one.

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Enslaved without a cause 4

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Enslaved without a cause 4.


Sandy’s dropped like a smoking hot rock when the king’s had enough of her slutting it up, and you won’t believe where she ends up! Sandy’s winding path through the star studded fifties has only just begun as a new madam shows up to really turn up the heat!

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Cindy’s dragged straight to the depths of a perverted, bondage hell as she’s forced to be a sex slave and slut toy to her aunt and cousin! This unbelievable story is full of the hottest and most erotic 3d artwork you’ve ever seen, and you can’t imagine some of the awful things that happens to pretty and perfect Cindy!

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Trick and treat 4

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Trick and treat 4.


You won’t believe the shocking, twist ending to this halloween horror show! Punk girl sarah is put through her paces as she’s used, degraded, violated, and her own body betrays her!

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Cidade do Diabo 2

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Cidade do Diabo 2.

Lesbi K Leih

The pieces start falling into place within Bezelbu’s empire as his girls do their duty in every way they must! Amalia and Clarissa are worked hard in every way a woman can be worked, all in service to the great Ze!

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