Ask me to punish you

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The preacher
de haro
Brother Henry had been in the Church of the Chosen for six months now and he was very happy. The religious side had never been a problem. The sect had written their own holy book which was easy to study and easy to read in church.
The rest of his job involved tying up, flogging and fucking.
Henry liked to go slowly and talk dirty, often with his cock in his hand. This girl was new and he wanted to know more about her.
“Have you ever shown your breasts to a man of religion before?” he asked.
“No, Master.”
She had learnt to say “Master” with the help of a bamboo cane on her naked buttocks.
“You weren’t wearing a bra when you arrived,” said Henry. “Why’s that?”
“I don’t always wear one.”
“Is it to show your nipples under your top?”
“I suppose so… Master.”
“When you wear one, what color is it?”
“You should always wear a bra. Tits like these make men sin!”
Henry wet his finger and rubbed it slowly over both her nipples. Then he blew on them and watched as they wrinkled and became erect and tubular…
He picked up a cat o’nine tails with a knot on the end of its nine leather straps.
“I’m going to punish you for your naked breasts! Ask me to punish you!”
The girl looked confused.
“I haven’t done anything wrong!” she said.

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The man in her ass had stopped slapping her tits

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The preacher
de haro
Maria was Colombian. She had answered an advert for a job as a waitress. A few hours after the interview she woke up in a church crypt, bound and gagged, with a big banana-shaped cock in her ass.
There were two men in the room, both wearing black robes.
For a time nobody spoke. The man in her ass just kept banging away at her. Then suddenly he spoke…
“Take that, bitch! You’re all the same! You know men want to see your tits and your cunts and you cover them up, don’t you? Why do you do it?”
“I’m fucking your ass to teach you a lesson, bitch! UGH! It lets me see your cunt too! Take that! UGH! OOOOH”
“You’re a virgin, aren’t you? In your ass?”
Maria nodded.
“So I’m hurting you, right?”
She nodded again. The man grabbed one of her tits in each hand and squeezed them painfully.
He began slapping them around with his hand, forehand and backhand…
“This is what you’re here for, bitch! To be punished and fucked!”
The other Brother stepped forward.
“This is an opportunity to pay for your sins, bitch!” he said. “We’re here to punish you for provoking men and then not showing them your body! We’ll teach you discipline and obedience, whore! Your tits and cunt and ass and mouth belong to us, now, understand?”
Maria nodded.

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We are going to teach you about pain and pleasure

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The preacher
de haro
Brother Henry stroked Jennifer’s cheeks and wiped away her tears.
He believed in keeping a woman partly clothed. The scarf around Jennifer’s waist was not there to conceal her pubic hair. It was there because Brother Henry thought it looked good.
“You have a lot to learn, Jennifer,” he said.
She sobbed, but the gag prevented her from speaking.
“We are going to teach you about pain and pleasure,” Henry went on. “Look carefully at this riding crop. It will be one of your Masters now and you must learn to love it.”
He ran the hard leather crop over her breasts, making large circles on each breast and then making smaller circles until the crop almost touched her nipples, which wrinkled up and became tubular.
“You have sensitive nipples,” he said. He pulled back his arm and brought the hard leather down onto her naked breasts…

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They were fucking and flogging women

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The preacher
de haro
The government was corrupt and all its ministers were rich. Most of them took their money out of the country on military planes. But one group decided to invest in the country. They began with a network of prostitutes and the business went well…
“Where else do you get so many fucks and bucks?” one of the ministers said.
“Religion maybe? There’s good money in religion,” was the reply. “If you can set up a good sect, you’re laughing all the way to the bank! And it’s very respectable!”
“Ok, but where are the tits and slits?”
“We can figure something out.”
They did. They used public money and they built several churches all called “The Church of the Chosen”. To get them started, they put ads and fake news about miracle cures in the local media. After a time there was no need for ads and fake news because people claimed to have been cured of illnesses by their preachers.

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Bondage fun with brunette chick

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Brunette hottie from this BDSM toon was behaving badly and she needed to be punished for that. This is exactly what takes place in so cool comics. This girlie is getting black gag into her mouth that one master pushes right there before feeling his big stiff dick entering her soaked wet snatch right from the behind. The obedient and unprotected enslaved girlie getting nailed so nicely by one master before getting banged by second master too.

Convent babes get fucked

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de haro comicsDo you know why medieval times were so cruel and bloody? People had to suppress their sexuality and the power of their libido turned into pure aggression. Convents and monasteries created hoards of merciless sex-obsessed monsters who invented awful tools for destroying human flesh and enjoyed the harshest sex entertainments you can think of. Feel the thrill of pain and pleasure. Check out the most true-to-life drawn bdsm scenes that were taking place in monasteries of the past and might happen in modern convents as well.

Sex freaks behind doc’s masks

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de haro artworkDo you trust your family doctor? Do you let the dirty bastard touch your tender juicy flesh? You have no idea what vicious thoughts might nest in the head of the fucking monster in white gown! Watch the most blood curdling sets of drawn bdsm pictures created by our best artists that feature sex-obsessed doctors caught in the middle of incredibly wicked action. See the dirty freaks using their medical knowledge and scary appliances to lead their reluctant patients through every step of pain and humiliation imaginable.

Girl with massive tits in bondage

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de haro bdsm artPorn comics expose a beautiful and massive brunette girl with huge tits and a bush of hair on her pubis, immobilized with a rope. Bondage presses her tits, the rope bites into her pussy, spreading malleable pussy lips aside as it gets strained. The guy enjoys watching this beautiful slut suffer in pain and pleasure, as her pussy leaks, stimulated by the sophisticated bondage. She’s unable to move, because every movement makes the rope go deeper into her pussy, almost making her faint. It’s not hard to predict what will happen to the lusty brunette slut in the BDSM porn comics.

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