They were fucking and flogging women

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The preacher
de haro
The government was corrupt and all its ministers were rich. Most of them took their money out of the country on military planes. But one group decided to invest in the country. They began with a network of prostitutes and the business went well…
“Where else do you get so many fucks and bucks?” one of the ministers said.
“Religion maybe? There’s good money in religion,” was the reply. “If you can set up a good sect, you’re laughing all the way to the bank! And it’s very respectable!”
“Ok, but where are the tits and slits?”
“We can figure something out.”
They did. They used public money and they built several churches all called “The Church of the Chosen”. To get them started, they put ads and fake news about miracle cures in the local media. After a time there was no need for ads and fake news because people claimed to have been cured of illnesses by their preachers.

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