Bondage romances part 1 – 365

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Bondage romances part 1 – 365


Julia Maniewski is a drop-dead gorgeous, 24 year old woman, as fresh as a flower in the spring. When she’s called into her boss’ office, she’s praised for her work at the company and then asked whether that work was worth 2 years of prison time!

You don’t want to miss this unbearably hot comic or miss the unbelievable ending, and you can only find out what Julia’s ultimate fate is by buying this comic here exclusively at Arctoss official website!


The levite and his concubine part 2

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The levite and his concubine part 2


Meanwhile, Arlene and Ebony are furious! Where did their tight and titillating slavegirls go?! Blind with rage, they go back to the Sheik, Ahmed al-Rasid, and demand their prime pussies or their money back!

What will happen to onan, hui, and avishag? Will they get home safe or will they be forced to endure the worst? You can only find out here, in this comic, brought to you exclusively by Ferres official website!

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