The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
The Lord Caine provided many a “useful” service to his peers and fellow noblemen throughout the countryside. Among those services, which included such things such as procurement and training, was his most requested of all: obedience training! There were, after all, many a farmgirl or arrogant maid who thought herself above the “invitations” of their lords and masters. Many of these girls needed to be taught an awful reality: that they were nothing more than pieces of meat to be used as their betters saw fit!
“Not so tough now, are you?” one of Lord Caine’s friends, Lord Krebs, asked, clutching at a milkmaid Sylvia’s hair so tightly, he almost ripped it from her scalp! The girl screamed, not just from the brutal tugging on her hair but also from the hot wax dripping down upon her tender flesh! Her lord and master, Lord Krebs, merely laughed. “I bet you felt quite high and mighty when you doused me with your milk pail! But now look at you! I bet it doesn’t feel so good being covered in ‘milk’ now does it?”
The maid Sylvia huffed and puffed and glared at her lord and master, Lord Krebs. “Go to hell!” she shouted, struggling wildly against her bondage.

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You’ll learn your place in this household…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“Be quiet, you insolent slut!” the masked lady in red shouted. “You’ll learn your place in this household! You dare to deny your lord and master the privilege of sucking his cock?! Then your bum will bear the consequences!”
Lord Caine smiled as he watched his wife beat the ever loving spirit out of this insolent little girl. He felt his cock grow hard as he thought of the new depths this little tart would go to avoid more pain. He imagined the soft feel of her lips as they quivered around his thick member, how her tongue would dance underneath his shaft, both from trained skill and fear of the consequences should she fail.
“I do hope you’re paying attention, girl…” one of the more “experienced” slavegirls, marked by her mobcap bonnet, said, holding the onlooking, bound slavegirl in place. “This is what happens to those who disobey the orders of our Lord… he turns them over to his lady, the Lady Treble, and she makes short work of them…”

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Surely you won’t forget this favor…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“As you can see, Father, we’ve procured that naughty, teasing tartlet… just as you’ve requested!” the Lord Caine explained, a malevolent grin crossing his face as he swept his hand across the helpless nun squirming and moaning wantonly atop the fine table.
“Oh… oh my…” the priest said, his eyes growing wide at the same time as his cock grew rock hard in his pants. One of the lord’s slavegirls, ever watchful, knelt down and obediently started rubbing the priest’s crotch, causing the holy man to let out a strangled moan of absolute lust as he looked at the teasing nun being brutally ass fucked with her own haughty, holy ornament.
“She was a fighter she was, claiming she was married to The Lord, but we all know how much of a tease she was. Even her own robes could not hide her own wanton lusts and whoring body! Consider this… a gift, from me to the Church. Surely you won’t forget this favor…” the Lord Caine said, knowingly watching the priest’s eyes bulge in their sockets as the nun suddenly started speaking…

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Monks banging enslaved chicks

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Monks banging enslaved chicks

Very cute chicks with nice fresh forms of bodies are getting enslaved by absolutely crazy monks who are ready to do all kinky things with them on extremely hot cartoon bdsm. If you are looking forward to check up this story then just stare at all the stuff that take place in this gallery. Monks are making gals totally bare before tying them upside down and then inserting cocks into all loving holes of bitches as well as doing other kinky things.

Sex cult of ancient Greeks

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tim richards artOld civilizations of the past were based on the cult of sex and human carnal beauty and Greece is one of them. You can see wild desire and burning lust soaking the air around every ancient statue they have created. Imagine what powerful rich people could afford in those thrilling times! Behold vicious drawn bdsm sex scenes executed by the best artists and enjoy pain and humiliation of dirty slaves used sexually. You will feel unusually horny from the very first picture you’ll see. Do not try to fight with this feeling – sex is wild, so enjoy it at as it is!

Kinky BDSM stories from Troy

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tim artYou probably know that ancient Greeks were obsessed with the beauty of human body; no wonder sex was a kind of God for them. With all that rich and powerful people were getting sick and tired of ordinary copulations very soon and started seeking for forbidden pleasures. Hot galleries of drawn bdsm sex will tell you the thrilling stories from the old times when slaves were turned into sex toys in a wink and had to scream with pain or moan with pleasure at their Masters’ whim. Let the blood run faster in your throbbing veins!

Sacrificing a young virgin in Troy

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tim richards comicsSlaves of Troy erotic comics by Tim Richards expose a hot scene of sacrifice, where a slender blonde gets tied up to the cross completely naked, tortured by the priests and fucked. The sacred orgy makes female priests fuck with each other, licking their pussies and teasing their beautiful body, while the fate of a blond victim is much worse. Though she gets her pussy licked and ass fingered by the high priest of Troy, then her delicious body is going to be defiled by the barbarian, living in the cellars of the temple. His dirty, hairy body and wild nature won’t leave her any chances to escape rough and filthy sex with him.

Paradise for white kinksters

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tim richards art
A wicked white couple has an illegal harem in the basement. Several black bitches stay there day and night wearing iron collars and chains. As soon as the Masters come to perform their bdsm art the poor ebony sluts try to do their best to avoid extra pain and humiliation! See them obediently kneeling to suck the Master’s dick dry and shiny and to lick the Mistress’s pussy clean in an attempt to earn their food and water!

Sex cattle

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tim richards art
This bdsm artwork tells a story of two young and very beautiful girlfriends who were kidnapped, taken to another country and sold as a cattle to become sex slaves of wild males. The cruel brutes brand the smooth skin of the chicks with fire, take them to the village and introduce the tight twats to their enormous cocks big enough to satisfy a mare! Plunge into the world of wicked pleasures and humiliating penetrations!

Army of sex slaves. Tim Richards’ Art.

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tim richards
This bdsm artwork is revolting! Several horny sick males keep a small army of beautiful sex slaves. They keep the girls chained and never take iron collars off them! The freshmen sluts have the hardest time here. They have to satisfy every dirty fantasy of the lustful wicked studs and after there are still horny girls to be satisfied and licked dry! Tied and humiliated they have their love-holes drilled and ripped on the point of no repair!

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