The queen of deadwood

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The queen of deadwood


She was blonde, pretty, and spirited, like an unbroken filly flowered on the fields. Sheriff Lloyd was one of the better lawmen… or law women… of this land. She knew her town, she knew her people, and she knew her stuff. She could shoot as straight as the best of them, and when she laid down the rules, she meant it. Hot stuff with a hotter temper, Sheriff Lloyd would make this land a just and right place in her own little neck of the woods.
But things turn south in ways Sheriff Lloyd couldn’t possibly imagine when she arrests “Two-Beers” Jack, one of the lowlife thugs that trespass upon this lawful ground. A sucker and scum and certainly not worth much, Two Beers Jack has one thing going for him: his boss is the infamous “Hammer” Jackson, and Hammer does NOT appreciate his men being locked away for life!
The townspeople try to warn Sheriff Lloyd. Some fish are just too big to catch. Some critters are better left alone, wild and untamed in this wild, wild west. Sheriff Lloyd ignored their advice, to her peril. Now she will pay with her body and her holes and maybe… maybe even her life!

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Harem 2009. Comics by Cagri

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cagri comics

The 5-th stadium concert in Popstar Brittany Sanders US tour has just finished a total success!
The crowds are still roaring with excitements, the media is posting rave reviews and the young singer s bank account is looking very healthy.
She’s on top! Everything in Brittany s life looks perfect.
Her manager congratulates her and gives her a piece of amazing news: “That prince. Adnan Al Jarrah, just wired your 1 000 000 dollars, I know you don t like private performances but you only sing for 1 hour, I made all the arrangements already, you fly to his palace tomorrow”.

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