Street angels

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Street angels


Watch as this blonde beauty screams and shrieks, pretty tears falling from her eyes as she begs and pleads for her precious holes and her life!

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They grabbed a few women and ripped their clothes…

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During the early days of the Revolution
It was reported that all women, except the most loyal allies of the Revolution, would be slaves. There would be no middle ground. Then the power grid went down and it became much harder to get news.
At first, it had seemed like these dire events would have no effect on the tiny isolated town in Idaho where Jacob and Jugs lived. There were no prisons or Revolutionary armies interested in invading their little town. But then Jacob and a few men had spontaneously decided to join the Revolution. They grabbed a few women and ripped their clothes off in public, then gagged and chained them, and paraded them around the street naked. For Jacob, it was the most frightening thing he’d ever done, but also the most rewarding.
Jacob shouted for his neighbors to rise up with him and overthrow the old system.
“The old system has made us all poor and miserable!” said Jacob as we walked the streets. “Men are all forced to beg for the approval of a thousand spoiled bitchy women and few spoiled, rich men!”
“Fuck the old way!” shouted Jacob. “This is our chance! It’s time for men to live the way we always dreamed of!”

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Three of the men held her down and forced her legs apart…

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Captured fuck yourself
To begin with she had tried to protect her modesty and keep her legs closed. That was a mistake. Three of the men held her down and forced her legs apart, then beat her thighs with a paddle until they were red raw. Then they started on her large breasts for fun. They couldn’t decide who was going to get to use her first so they agreed perhaps she should make herself wet and ready for them.
The leader of the party, a large man – possibly Japanese – stood there with a whip in his hand. He ordered her to look him in the eyes the whole time. If she closed them, he brought the whip down on her most intimate areas. It was him who had shoved the dildo in her ass – unlubed. The first time anyone had put anything up there and she knew, just by looking at the crowd, it was certainly not going to be the last time.

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Maybe you should whip her cunt a while…

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“I bet she likes it” said Chris
Tanya looked at him, as she pumped the lever, forcing the spiked dildo into the girl’s poor ass. “You might be right, I think. We can’t have that. Maybe you should whip her cunt a while.”
Marie looked Chris in the eyes, her own eyes wide open. She shook her head and although she could not speak she was pleading with him, begging him not to hit her there. Her delicate sex was one of the few parts of her body not currently in terrible pain and she had hoped that her magnificent bosom would have kept their attention. Apparently not.
“What a fantastic idea. She’s still wet from the fucking with the guards earlier. Those animals will fuck anything, a girl as beautiful as this is a rare thing around here. Maybe I’ll fuck her in the front while you work her ass with your favourite toy… how does that sound whore!?”
The poor girl just coughed and spluttered, moans passing by the gag as the terrible instrument pounded her ass constantly.

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