Jungle safary to hell

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Jungle safary to hell.


Deep in the amazon rainforest, 4 nave white students will be brutally torutred by a hidden native tribe! Enjoy this excellent new comic by slasher! And watch out for the road less traveled.

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Agent X – Mile High

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Agent X – Mile High.


Hot, redheaded agent x is in for a rough ride when she’s caught redhanded by the sinister syndicate!
Agent x has a long history fighting against the head honchos of this criminal organization. Her past will come back to haunt her when she’s captured and taken hostage!

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Ahh, please, stop, it hurts so much

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The whipping block being used today was, like all of the Inquisitor’s inventions, a very cruel one. It was actually designed as a type of wooden horse – made for the unlucky victim to “ride”, so that it split them in two. The block was pushed into place where Maria’s mother had a good view of her daughter’s suffering.
Maria was forced onto the triangular block before being pushed down. A chain was attached to her neck and held her head down. Cuffs were attached to her feet, to keep them together. Next, a large and heavy triangular block was attached to her arms – forcing them into a deeply uncomfortable position and preventing her from using them to steady herself.
“Ahh, please, stop, it hurts so much!” begged Maria
“You stupid cunt, we haven’t even started yet!” said the officer in charge of her punishment.

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Tourist trap

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Tourist trap


That was their first and last mistake! Both Hannah and Madison are picked up by a notorious biker gang. Their boss is a true sadist, one who doesn’t just like to humiliate the girls and force them to endure a dirty and violent gang bang, but one who likes to catch it all on camera to sell to the highest bidder!

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Little does she know what she’s in for when a beaten up, rusty truck pulls up. At first Linda is scared, but it’s another woman at the wheel.
Surely a woman wouldn’t be that dangerous at least not for a yummy piece of tail like luscious Linda, spilling out of her tight daisy dukes but that’s where she’s wrong.
Linda should’ve trusted her first instincts because things aren’t right out here in the woods.

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