Feel the painful lust in the cellar. Asheley

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asheley artwork

Slutty bitch picked up in town brought to the sinful cellar of the sick bastard taken up with female body and its peculiarities. Hanging with her hands and legs tied she smiles with wild anticipation of brutal painful and astonishingly expressive fuck. Unfortunately for her all the old madman wants is to see the naked women tied to sex machines with various destinations. The filthy cock of his drives his sick mind to treat his cellar babes as sex slaves for nasty flesh experiments.

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Female prisoner faces war treatment. Zerosen.

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zerosen artwork

Caught by the enemies the poor dame was doomed to experience the sick attitude towards a female in the prisoner camp. Undressed and exhausted with multiple wounds from flogging she was taken outside tied to a post for all to se her naked body. Evening came with new body experiments to follow: Tit roping, pussy shoving with different objects, sexual aggressive behavior of the people around willing to feel her soft body tremble. They had good time with this slut.

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Busty slut forced to enjoy the actions. Artwork by Bill Ward

July 24, 2009 at 2:37 pm, Category: BDSM Art, Ward | No Comments

bill ward artwork

It happened once in a ward that a sexy dame was brutally fucked. She was put on a bed with her arms held tight at the back and a dick entered her refusing pussy. Though she was not expecting it, still she enjoyed but it was the most pleasant moment. Her rosy skin with marks from cane showed that the two freaks were totally obsessed with the idea of slightly torturing the chick when she bended over showing her pretty ass to the audience. She liked the feeling of slight pain of her body and rewarded the guy with a wet kiss holding his dick.

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Dirty women fair for personal use. Artwork by G-Man

July 20, 2009 at 2:34 pm, Category: BDSM Art, G-Man | No Comments

g-man artwork

Here’s a nasty place for you to have you dick a merry celebration. Flesh fair provides fresh live meat of all kinds. All enslaved beauties can be purchased or tested here. Have one to suck your cock the way you want it to be sucked before purchasing the bitch for your personal home treatment. Stick a cane into wet cunt or grab her neck to make her obey all the filthy commands your sick mind orders. The customers may cum her all over if they pay for her.

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Harem 2009. Comics by Cagri

July 17, 2009 at 10:13 pm, Category: BDSM Comics, Cagri | No Comments

cagri comics

The 5-th stadium concert in Popstar Brittany Sanders US tour has just finished a total success!
The crowds are still roaring with excitements, the media is posting rave reviews and the young singer s bank account is looking very healthy.
She’s on top! Everything in Brittany s life looks perfect.
Her manager congratulates her and gives her a piece of amazing news: “That prince. Adnan Al Jarrah, just wired your 1 000 000 dollars, I know you don t like private performances but you only sing for 1 hour, I made all the arrangements already, you fly to his palace tomorrow”.

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Medieval stern perverted treatment. Artwork by Farrel

July 13, 2009 at 7:49 pm, Category: BDSM Art, Farrel | No Comments

farrel artwork

Multiple ladies treated with utmost tempting desire to examine their sinful bodies and touch each inch of their lustful flesh. Pregnant dame tied to a post with her belly constantly touched by a cane for flogging. Pretty chick with curly hair tied in the barn with her tits pulled by a rope. The babe who is not lucky today experiences brutal facial intercourse with huge dick hammering her throat against the wall.

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Fuck toy to mock at. Dolcett Artwork.

July 10, 2009 at 4:27 pm, Category: BDSM Art, Dolcett | No Comments

dolcett artwork

They brought her home to treat her like an animal to feel excitement of brutal behavior with rising temptation driving them mad. Slapping and flogging was only the beginning. Pain is the game they adore, sex is the God they worship. The mixture they have in result brings them to severe treatment of the seductive blonde with pretty tits which are already tied with rope to hurt her. Fuck machines penetrate girl’s natural holes. She burns her pussy by being forced to sit on toaster, the toy train is about to jam into her tight ass.

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Feast of flesh and pain. Artwork by Alazar.

July 6, 2009 at 2:07 pm, Category: Alazar, BDSM Art | 1 Comment

alazar artwork

Mature beauty mistress savagely punishes girls showing them the pleasure of sinfully painful flesh games they can be playing with their young seductive innocent bodies. She knows how to gain the sick feeling of upcoming orgasm. The bdsm queen likes slapping the tight asses of the helpless slutty chicks which deserve perverted punishment with humiliation of their pure minds by shoving objects into their pussies. The sick desire to bring lust into their pretty heads won’t leave the nasty lady and she finally makes them suffer and beg to stop.

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Enslaved by creepy monks. Artwork by Bishop.

July 3, 2009 at 3:15 pm, Category: BDSM Art, Bishop | No Comments

bishop artwork

Poor blonde kept as slave for sexual filthy games of sick man who is obsessed of treating his slave as fresh meet for his cock to be upright all the time. Heavily chained she is bound to feel the creepy feeling of pain when he is back. Gagged and moveless she sits in leather stockings waiting for a miracle of escape but now he is back. He is buckling new belts on her seductive body to make her absolutely obedient for his guests wearing hoods of some mass.

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