Black Star – Steel eels

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Black Star - Steel eels

The rules of the Emperor’s harem were based on pain and pleasure. They were implacable. Every so often the mature women were purged. This was done by a series of harem regeneration tests known as the “Maturalias”. The oldest women, all of them over 40 years old, were subjected to severe tests to establish if they were still worth a place in the harem. In these tests they had to show their worth as the Emperor’s concubine in tests of pain resistance, sexual skills and ability to withstand severe penetration.
Those who failed the tests were condemned to spending the rest of their days in much-feared confinement centers, or were made to participate in the Pain Festival. In this festival the Emperor’s concubines were submitted to the cruelest punishments purely to satisfy the whims of the Great Master of the Empire, as the Emperor now called himself. Those who were able to withstand all kinds of humiliating abuse were allowed to stay in the harem.
The Pain Festival is the high point of the Maturalias. Pain is administered in a special arena known as the Painkorror. It is full of the most blood-chilling instruments of torture. Most of the spectators are the cruel inhabitants of the Black Planet, who sit on the terraces drooling over the horrendous torture sessions. The Emperor Helmekios sits on his sacred throne, surrounded by female slaves who have passed the tests and who are allowed to serve him with their glistening naked bodies.

He seemed to transform into another person, it was scary

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He seemed to transform into another person, it was scary

My name is Jennifer Flores, and I live in my boyfriend’s closest. Or… he used to be my boyfriend. I guess it’s fair to think of us as “broken up” these days. I mean, not only does he keep my locked up in here, all day, every day; but I am pretty sure he’s seeing other women.
The weird thing is, I didn’t see it coming at all. We’d been together for over a year, and he was the best boyfriend I ever had. He took me to dinner, he bought me flowers, and he even asked me to move in with him.
The only time in our whole relationship that he ever really seemed to get mad at me was when I tried to go down into the basement. He always kept the basement locked up; he said it was his “private space” and I was never supposed to go down there. The one time I tried to sneak in, he screamed at me. He seemed to transform into another person, it was scary.
But that was just one time, and so I didn’t think about it much. I decided I just needed to “give him space” and leave the basement alone. After all, he was a great boyfriend. He was handsome, he drove a nice car, and the sex was by far the best sex I ever had.
Then one day, out of nowhere, he grabbed me by my hair and dragged me down into the basement. He didn’t even have drug me or trick me or anything, he just grabbed and pulled. I never saw it coming. More stories at Rude Comics

Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls – She was never seen again

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Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls - She was never seen again

“Okay, Michelle, you can do this.” Michelle said to herself as she walked into the lesbian bar. She wasn’t gay, but she wanted to join the most popular sorority at her university and this was her pledge. The other sisters would be at a booth watching, and it was Michelle’s job to seduce the oldest and ugliest woman she could find. It didn’t take long to find her.
Gretchen was huge and going on sixty, with huge sagging tits and a face that was drooped in a permanent scowl.
“Hi,” Michelle said, stepping up to the bar.
“Well hello there, little one.” Gretchen said, here dry wrinkled lips peeling back to reveal her yellowed, chipped teeth.
Michelle nearly threw up in her mouth at the sight, but kept the bile down.
“Look, I’ve…I’ve never done this before…” Michelle said.
“Oh, don’t worry dear, we all had to start somewhere. So you haven’t had your face wrapped in soaking wet slit yet?”
Michelle was taken aback by the woman’s vulgarity, and she’d almost stopped right there…if only she had.

Schooling for slaves – A happy crew in the training school’s cargo arrival room

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Schooling for slaves - A happy crew in the training school's cargo arrival room

The men who worked the training schools’ locked and very secure cargo arrival departments tended to be underpaid and sometimes overworked; but that didn’t necessarily mean that they were unhappy, though… After all, one of the benefits of working that department was especially-selected newly arrived captive girls being readily accessible to each worker for his use. Nothing better for one of these working men to be able fuck and abuse a new slavegirl in any way he chose for a few days and nights before she was taken away to join the other arrivals for the regular training regimen. And after that, there would be yet another crying and begging slave selected to take her place.
At the moment, the Cargo Worker named Drago was holding his latest selection, Diane, tightly as he began further positioning her on one of the soiled mattresses that lined the walls of the Arrival Room. “Hmmm….”, Drago grunted as his erect dick rubbed against Diane’s naked, spanked backside. “I’m happy they choose you for me, bitch. I like fucking sweet-looking gals like you and you’re going to be spending a lot of time getting used to this big ol’ cock of mine. Of course, I might be hurting you a bit – but that’ll be mild compared what the trainers will be doing.”

I took a drag on my cigarette and blew smoke in her face

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I took a drag on my cigarette and blew smoke in her face

Monica looked up at me as I was counting the money. I took a drag on my cigarette and blew smoke in her face.
“I know, right?” I laughed. “Who would have thought you’d be worth so much money? Pasty little white girl like you. But that’s the Sheikh for you, he’s crazy about white cunt.”
I’d actually met Monica using online dating. Technology’s great. She had the same story as a dozen other girls I’d shipped off to the Sheikh. Grew up in a small town, Iowa or Nebraska or whatever. High School prom was over and now she was bored. The football player she’d dated in high school wasn’t good enough to be a football player in college and now, suddenly, her future prospects looked a lot less promising than they did when she was riding in a float during the old Homecoming parade.
Suddenly, I swoop in, on her Okcupid profile. Tall, rich, handsome stranger, who’d traveled to far off, exotic lands. These dumb sluts can’t wait to cheat on their boyfriends with me. I just flirt with them over messages a few times, make a quick phone call, so they can listen to my “deep, sexy voice,” then we meet up for our first “date.”
Then –Bam!!!! I’ve got ‘em drugged and in the trunk of my car before they know what hit them. By the time a girl wakes up, she’s naked, caged, gagged and on her way to the Sheikh’s palace.
My favorite part is the look they always give me. So hurt, so resentful. “I thought you were going to rescue me from my boring life,” they seem to say. “I thought you were going to sweep me off my feet and take me to a world of adventure and magic.”


Enemies of Rome – The blonde warrior

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Enemies of Rome - The blonde warrior

Drusila had never kept a brothel, but there were always whores following the gladiators from town to town, and over the years she had come to an agreement with some of them. She acted as an unofficial manager, arranging meetings with local officials or merchants in exchange for a cut in the profits. Now her idea was to prepare something special for the primus of the games, using men and women.
Recently a new consignment of slaves had arrived from the North Way. They were blonde, blue-eyed barbarians who fought very well. Their swords were always sharp because the many small tribes in that area were always fighting each other.
Drusila’s first thought was to hire female gladiators, who were proving popular with the crowds at that time. But she decided to do something a little different. She wanted a woman who was strong and skilful with weapons, but was also beautiful and sensual. At the end of the contest the blonde warrior would be fucked by all the gladiators. Her enforced orgasms would be impressive and powerful, Drusila thought. Where was the fun in watching a meek, submissive slave have an orgasm?
Drusila had learnt that a beautiful woman was in prison waiting to be crucified for murdering her Master. She went to the prison to take a look at her.

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