Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls – She was never seen again

June 15, 2016 at 9:55 am, Category: Badia, BDSM Art

Masterpieces just-kidnapped slavegirls - She was never seen again

“Okay, Michelle, you can do this.” Michelle said to herself as she walked into the lesbian bar. She wasn’t gay, but she wanted to join the most popular sorority at her university and this was her pledge. The other sisters would be at a booth watching, and it was Michelle’s job to seduce the oldest and ugliest woman she could find. It didn’t take long to find her.
Gretchen was huge and going on sixty, with huge sagging tits and a face that was drooped in a permanent scowl.
“Hi,” Michelle said, stepping up to the bar.
“Well hello there, little one.” Gretchen said, here dry wrinkled lips peeling back to reveal her yellowed, chipped teeth.
Michelle nearly threw up in her mouth at the sight, but kept the bile down.
“Look, I’ve…I’ve never done this before…” Michelle said.
“Oh, don’t worry dear, we all had to start somewhere. So you haven’t had your face wrapped in soaking wet slit yet?”
Michelle was taken aback by the woman’s vulgarity, and she’d almost stopped right there…if only she had.

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