Private dick part 3

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Private dick part 3.


Things get real hot in this dark, dark town when marcus colt delivers a skinny stool pigeon to his thuggish employer in this final, unbelievable finale!
Little joey is happy the accountant is in hand, but joey decides to “renegotiate” the deal, and pretty, little vera carter is definitely on the menu!

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Tourist trap 2

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Things go from bad to worse for Hannah and Madison as they’re taken over and over and over again by these lusty and insatiable masked, biker men. Their lovely holes are twitching and sore from all the fucking they’ve had to go through, their brains are addled by all the constant sex and orgasms, but there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

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It was agony, worse than the electricity in her pussy, worse than the horse

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Tarib paused after he had lowered Shiva to the bottom of the winch’s range, waiting for the proper instant with his hand on the switch. He was judging the moment that Shiva would think it was time for him to raise her out of the water. When she started to writhe in her bonds he knew the moment had come.
At first Shiva didn’t know what hit her. Her whole body felt as though instead of hanging in cold water she was suspended in scorching lava. Despite her face being totally immersed she couldn’t stop the irresistible urge to scream, and her mouth opened wide. Nothing came out. Her lungs were paralyzed by the amperage flowing through her body. But water rushed into her gaping mouth.
The fact that she couldn’t breathe and the muscles in her throat had constricted saved her from a worse drowning. Still water ran down into her lungs and she tried desperately to cough despite still being under water. It was agony, worse than the electricity in her pussy, worse than the horse.

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