Halt… turn… face me… now drop down… noses to the ground…

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The major
Major Riggott watched with amusement as the line of girls, gasping at this extra exertion came romping towards him, their legs pounding up and down, their young breasts bouncing saucily in a very uncomfortable looking manner.
Then as they were just a few meters away, “Halt … A … bout … turn!” bellowed the man.
The girls came to a halt their thighs still pumping up and down as they made a complete turn and set off in the opposite direction, now favouring him with a view of their plump jiggling bottoms.
“Halt … turn … face me … now drop down … noses to the ground,” he shouted out. The girls came to a halt turned then fell down lying prostrate, face down on the floor, their noses pressed along with the rest of their naked bodies against the hard, cold, stone flags. He let them rest for a moment shivering with cold and fear, viewing the row of bare bottoms, such tempting targets for his whip, before he gave the next command.

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Huzadi shivered with delight as she turned…

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Madam Huzadi’s new toys
Western countries needed an never-ending supply of meats and produce products and Madam Huzadi was the CEO of the mega-corporation that specialized in these items; from their vast farms and other properties throughout South America and Africa, the food outlets in the West had a stable, reliable supplier.
But the Madam needed her own source of relief from the terrible responsibility of managing such a huge and essential business. She needed a stable of beautiful Western girls to attend her every need, to worship, adore and please every inch, every hole of her more-than-ample form.
Right now, her new French slavegirl Heidi, was burrowing her pretty head under a fold of Madam Huzadi’s fat stomach so that she lick and suck on the Madam’s needy clit with her pretty tongue. Huzadi shivered with delight as she turned her attention back to the blond American slave Emily. She had only spent a half-hour warming Emily up with her heavy whipping; she would spend many more days with the girl in order that she might be truly ready to train.

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Dark vengeance IV

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Dark vengeance IV


In the dark of night, a new shipment brings in some fresh inmates toward their new home: the prison block! But this is no ordinary prison. Run by the corrupt Archibald Bishop, this place is hardly a prison but instead a slaver’s paradise where the warden pimps prostitutes to his captive audience. And wouldn’t you know it, Tyrone and the gang are back in business, and Archibald Bishop is their first customer. He’ll be pleased to see pretty Holly and Brooke, well trained and well heeled whores ready and eager to serve under pain of PAIN!
But Tyrone, Spike, and Dozer aren’t here just to watch the ladies get banged in all their holes and cry like the little girls they are, though that’s a nice bonus all the same. No, they’re here to meet an old friend and remind him of days long past, when the fun truly began, in another life, in another time.
In the seedy underbelly of decadent Hollywood, another set of luscious ladies will meet their fate, whether they want to or not! “Invited” to the party by a waning movie star, the crimes that sent these three away will be committed before your very eyes in their complete and unmitigated depravity!
Sixteen years ago, the crimes that Tyrone, Spike, and Dozer commit are truly heinous! It sent them away for this long, after all.
Pretty CHASTITY MILLS will learn the hard way that her backwards views on black men are not welcome in this world. She will be humiliated, tormented, and forced to do unspeakable, vile things in order to survive. After all, her sister, Modesty Mills, is depending on her… even if Modesty doesn’t know the real deal. Chastity Mills is the gateway drug to Tyrone’s horrifying hellscape. A new adventure is just beginning in this amazing issue of FERNANDO’S DARK VENGEANCE 4!!!

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