Objection overruled – Betrayal

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Objection overruled – Betrayal

Kitty hand

Meanwhile, precious new cop to the police force Sophie is just writing tickets, but she chooses the wrong car to snitch on! Victor catches Sophie in the act, and Sophie doesn’t know it yet, but she crossed the wrong person for the first and last time.

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Huzadi shivered with delight as she turned…

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Madam Huzadi’s new toys
Western countries needed an never-ending supply of meats and produce products and Madam Huzadi was the CEO of the mega-corporation that specialized in these items; from their vast farms and other properties throughout South America and Africa, the food outlets in the West had a stable, reliable supplier.
But the Madam needed her own source of relief from the terrible responsibility of managing such a huge and essential business. She needed a stable of beautiful Western girls to attend her every need, to worship, adore and please every inch, every hole of her more-than-ample form.
Right now, her new French slavegirl Heidi, was burrowing her pretty head under a fold of Madam Huzadi’s fat stomach so that she lick and suck on the Madam’s needy clit with her pretty tongue. Huzadi shivered with delight as she turned her attention back to the blond American slave Emily. She had only spent a half-hour warming Emily up with her heavy whipping; she would spend many more days with the girl in order that she might be truly ready to train.

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Clara gave the whip a crack against young Sara’s back…

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Hanging women
Clara gave the whip a crack against young Sara’s back. The weights on her nipples and pussy lips jingled like wind chimes.
“You should have been more enthusiastic when you fucked your mother last night,” Clara told Sara, in a scolding tone. “Here you had this golden opportunity to impress Lord Diego and earn yourself some higher status, and you wasted it.”
Clara made a clucking sound with her tongue.
“Stupid little cunt, you think I like doing this? Whipping my own niece? But it has to be done, if you’re ever going to learn,”
Clara looked around subtly, trying to gauge if anyone else could hear what she was saying. Clara didn’t really believe that this whipping would teach any sort of lesson to her victim. Sara was a little slut, and she’d probably fucked her mother like a drunken boy at a town dance, and regardless of what Sara did, Clara would have found some excuse to beat her.

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Time for you to pay for being a dirty young whore…

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The civil servant
“Faster you bitch come on move it,” he flicked the whip against the cheeks of her bottom compelling to grater effort, “that’s it give me a good show.” Crying bitterly the girl continued to ride the huge cock, it was hard for her to decide which was worse the sting of the whip or the painful stretching of the walls of her cunt.
“All right bitch you’ve had enough fun,” he said finally, “time for you to pay for being a dirty young whore.” He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up lifting her clear of the dildo, which left her body with a loud sucking plop.
He dragged the stool from beneath her and then uncoiled the whip to its full length. Standing back he took his measure, this was something he prided himself on, giving a good whipping, it was something he felt he had some skill at, as it was a talent he had practised before on previous visits to the hall with other unfortunate young women. He let the whip fly out but not at the girl. It whistled a though the air, then with a flick of his wrist he produced a loud crack that sounded like a gunshot in the close confines of the room. The girl jumped visibly.

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