It will be my pleasure, my lord

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Goddesses, Queens and slaves
Mr Kane
The music stopped suddenly and the slave stood still, her breasts and her buttocks lifted, offering themselves to the guests, who all applauded enthusiastically.
Ptolemy gestured to the guards and they took the dancer to the Emperor and pushed her to her knees in front of him.
“Tell me, slave, why have you offended the King of Egypt?” Ptolemy asked.
The girl looked him in the eye.
“I am not a slave, son of Ra. I am a free woman.”
One of the guards slapped her face.
“Free? I don’t think so!” said Ptolemy. “You have a foreign accent! Where are you from, slave?”
“From Judea, my lord.”
“Ah,” said Ptolemy. “If I am your lord, then you are not free!” He played a few notes on his pipes.
“You speak too boldly to your lord! But you are a good dancer. I would like you to dance again, for the entertainment of our illustrious Roman guests.”
“It will be my pleasure, my lord.”
“This time we will accompany the music with percussion and singing.”
A muscular slave with brown skin appeared, carrying a whip. The guards tied the girl’s wrists to a ring set in the ceiling.
Ptolemy the flute player blew on his pipes and the guard started flogging with his whip.

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Clara gave the whip a crack against young Sara’s back…

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Hanging women
Clara gave the whip a crack against young Sara’s back. The weights on her nipples and pussy lips jingled like wind chimes.
“You should have been more enthusiastic when you fucked your mother last night,” Clara told Sara, in a scolding tone. “Here you had this golden opportunity to impress Lord Diego and earn yourself some higher status, and you wasted it.”
Clara made a clucking sound with her tongue.
“Stupid little cunt, you think I like doing this? Whipping my own niece? But it has to be done, if you’re ever going to learn,”
Clara looked around subtly, trying to gauge if anyone else could hear what she was saying. Clara didn’t really believe that this whipping would teach any sort of lesson to her victim. Sara was a little slut, and she’d probably fucked her mother like a drunken boy at a town dance, and regardless of what Sara did, Clara would have found some excuse to beat her.

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You’ll learn your place in this household…

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The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“Be quiet, you insolent slut!” the masked lady in red shouted. “You’ll learn your place in this household! You dare to deny your lord and master the privilege of sucking his cock?! Then your bum will bear the consequences!”
Lord Caine smiled as he watched his wife beat the ever loving spirit out of this insolent little girl. He felt his cock grow hard as he thought of the new depths this little tart would go to avoid more pain. He imagined the soft feel of her lips as they quivered around his thick member, how her tongue would dance underneath his shaft, both from trained skill and fear of the consequences should she fail.
“I do hope you’re paying attention, girl…” one of the more “experienced” slavegirls, marked by her mobcap bonnet, said, holding the onlooking, bound slavegirl in place. “This is what happens to those who disobey the orders of our Lord… he turns them over to his lady, the Lady Treble, and she makes short work of them…”

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