Tell me have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of lesbian sex before…

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The judge
“Hello you must be Stephanie and I’m Judge Parks, come in my dear,” said the occupant of the room. Stephanie drew back a look of surprise changing to one of horror as she realized the occupant of this bedroom was a woman, a naked woman, middle aged, dark haired and quite unattractive. “My, you are a pretty one aren’t you. Tell me have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of lesbian sex before?”
“N … no …,” she shook her head vehemently. She had expected a man, even an old and ugly one, but this was worse, much worse, she felt sick inside, god she couldn’t be expected to go through with this, not with a woman, it was disgusting.
“Well then it will be a new experience you and you will address me as Ma’am.” The woman reached out with one hand running the tips of her fingers over the girl’s left breast, Stephanie instinctively pulled back from the woman’s caress.
Noreen Parks was secretly delighted at this response; it was what she enjoyed, to compel a normally heterosexual girl into performing lesbian sex with her.

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Time for you to pay for being a dirty young whore…

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The civil servant
“Faster you bitch come on move it,” he flicked the whip against the cheeks of her bottom compelling to grater effort, “that’s it give me a good show.” Crying bitterly the girl continued to ride the huge cock, it was hard for her to decide which was worse the sting of the whip or the painful stretching of the walls of her cunt.
“All right bitch you’ve had enough fun,” he said finally, “time for you to pay for being a dirty young whore.” He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up lifting her clear of the dildo, which left her body with a loud sucking plop.
He dragged the stool from beneath her and then uncoiled the whip to its full length. Standing back he took his measure, this was something he prided himself on, giving a good whipping, it was something he felt he had some skill at, as it was a talent he had practised before on previous visits to the hall with other unfortunate young women. He let the whip fly out but not at the girl. It whistled a though the air, then with a flick of his wrist he produced a loud crack that sounded like a gunshot in the close confines of the room. The girl jumped visibly.

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He struck her hard, across her bottom…

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His other hand rose, then, slap! He struck her hard, across her bottom. “Owww! … Oooo!” she yelped, taken by surprise.
Pleased by her reaction, he inflicted another slap on her pump tempting target, then another. He set about spanking the helpless girl in earnest, slapping her buttocks hard bringing tears to her eyes whilst all the while is other hand fingered her cunt.
“Naughty, naughty,” he chided her, “push your pussy into my hand”. Driven by the slapping of her bottom Judy thrust her hips forward, offering her cunt to his probing fingers that delved into the slit, frigging her.
“I think this dirty little pussy deserves some cock, but not mine I’m afraid. If you are a good girl I will fuck you later, but for now I think it is time we made use of this nice toy I ordered for you,” he indicated to the stool, with its monstrous protrusion.

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Whipping fetish for a teen

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thorn art
Teen maid are so bitchy! They can make you mad no matter how kind or patient you are! This bdsm art is a sweet revenge for the teen sluts. A couple of mature fellows catch a naughty teen to teach her a good lesson. They tie her and whip her lovely tight ass decorating it with nice bloody lines following a simple rule: the more you whip the better they suck. Later the tight pink pussy receives a good throbbing experienced pecker nailing her as deep as never before!

Maid having very hard times

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hines art
This torture art is devoted to teen-lovers. Fresh and innocent girls are so naive! They start crying when a huge dick penetrates their tight pink pussies and scream with pain when a whip leaves a purple and red line on their yummy butts. Enjoy school teachers, relatives, butlers and other old fuckers getting hold of the poor sluts, humiliating them, tying them and showing them that fucking life can be really hard!


Grandpa takes sick care of his granddaughter

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thorn artwork
Probably it is true that the very brain rots in the heads of old males and it makes them invent something really sick and dirty. If you risk watching this bdsm artwork be ready for a real shock! The old grandpa being alone with his cute granddaughter starts playing wicked games to her. First the girl has to look at the old dong of the pervert. Later she has to kiss the old bastard and show him her sweet pussy and boobs. Finally the sick male washes the girl scraping her skin with an iron scraper and rapes her with a rolling-pin.


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