Halt… turn… face me… now drop down… noses to the ground…

August 30, 2017 at 1:57 am, Category: BDSM Art, Thorn

The major
Major Riggott watched with amusement as the line of girls, gasping at this extra exertion came romping towards him, their legs pounding up and down, their young breasts bouncing saucily in a very uncomfortable looking manner.
Then as they were just a few meters away, “Halt … A … bout … turn!” bellowed the man.
The girls came to a halt their thighs still pumping up and down as they made a complete turn and set off in the opposite direction, now favouring him with a view of their plump jiggling bottoms.
“Halt … turn … face me … now drop down … noses to the ground,” he shouted out. The girls came to a halt turned then fell down lying prostrate, face down on the floor, their noses pressed along with the rest of their naked bodies against the hard, cold, stone flags. He let them rest for a moment shivering with cold and fear, viewing the row of bare bottoms, such tempting targets for his whip, before he gave the next command.

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