Living dolls

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Living dolls

Lesbi k Leih, Geoffrey Merrick

Full sized dolls and so lifelike too! At first, these third world thugs are alarmed, but then they become amused. What kind of weirdo keeps dolls in his house, let alone so many of them?

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Street angels 2

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Street angels 2


This was their first and perhaps last mistake. Doctor Emmerich Albrect nor his aggressive, American lawyer have any interest in settling with Angelika. Instead they turn the settlement meeting into a circus of shame and humiliation!

Lovely Liat will be put to heel in the most humiliating and shameful way possible – a fallen angel who is brought down from on high to suck and slave over her new master! You don’t want to miss this incredible issue, brought to you here exclusively at dofantasy! Hawke official website!

Three of the men held her down and forced her legs apart…

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Captured fuck yourself
To begin with she had tried to protect her modesty and keep her legs closed. That was a mistake. Three of the men held her down and forced her legs apart, then beat her thighs with a paddle until they were red raw. Then they started on her large breasts for fun. They couldn’t decide who was going to get to use her first so they agreed perhaps she should make herself wet and ready for them.
The leader of the party, a large man – possibly Japanese – stood there with a whip in his hand. He ordered her to look him in the eyes the whole time. If she closed them, he brought the whip down on her most intimate areas. It was him who had shoved the dildo in her ass – unlubed. The first time anyone had put anything up there and she knew, just by looking at the crowd, it was certainly not going to be the last time.

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