Group project

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Group project.
However, the situation quickly takes an unexpected turn, leaving the once-dominant Cassandra as a desperate, writhing wreck, begging the once nervy nerds for release. Unravel Cassandra’s humiliating ordeal in this steamy saga.

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Hellsgate manor

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Hellsgate manor


Will she wake up from her nightmare or will she live forever dominated by the master of this terrifying hell?

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Enter the Ka club

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Enter the Ka club


Vikki is not the only poor girl to be ensnared in the hot sexual underworld overseen by the devilish Lady Lash. Girls like the fiery Nastya and the cunning Carla have undergone special training to shape them to live their lives as obedient flesh.

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Halloween house party: Morning after

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Halloween house party: Morning after


The morning after the Halloween party, David’s bosses son is left at home by himself to clean up the mess left by the party guests.

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You’re killing me

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Valentina’s story
“Aahhh… ahhh.. ahhh… AAHHHH!!!!” Patrizia wailed, her pussy being assaulted like it had never been before. Frank was not kind or gentle. He was rough and brutal as he pounded into her over and over again. Even in spite of her horror, her shame, and her humiliation, Patrizia could feel herself getting aroused by this violent pounding. Her whole body flushed red with arousal. Patrizia shook her head in denial. “No!!! Nooo!! Stop!!! Stop!!! You’re killing me!!! Please STOP!!!!” she cried.
“Oh you don’t like it? Perhaps you need another lesson!” Frank said, jamming down hard on the button again! Another agonizing shock rammed into Patrizia’s ass, and her whole body seized up stiff as a board. Patrizia’s eyes bulged again, and a scream of pure agony ripped out of her throat. “AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!” she screamed. Even as she did so, her pussy clamped down hard on Frank’s cock and twitched and quivered, milking his dick for all it was worth!

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