Surely you won’t forget this favor…

August 11, 2016 at 1:37 pm, Category: Tim Richards

The marquis de sade’s friend
tim richards
“As you can see, Father, we’ve procured that naughty, teasing tartlet… just as you’ve requested!” the Lord Caine explained, a malevolent grin crossing his face as he swept his hand across the helpless nun squirming and moaning wantonly atop the fine table.
“Oh… oh my…” the priest said, his eyes growing wide at the same time as his cock grew rock hard in his pants. One of the lord’s slavegirls, ever watchful, knelt down and obediently started rubbing the priest’s crotch, causing the holy man to let out a strangled moan of absolute lust as he looked at the teasing nun being brutally ass fucked with her own haughty, holy ornament.
“She was a fighter she was, claiming she was married to The Lord, but we all know how much of a tease she was. Even her own robes could not hide her own wanton lusts and whoring body! Consider this… a gift, from me to the Church. Surely you won’t forget this favor…” the Lord Caine said, knowingly watching the priest’s eyes bulge in their sockets as the nun suddenly started speaking…

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