Tan moved his fingers between her legs…

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Chinese torments
For years, Tan had coveted his neighbour’s wife, Ai. They had known each other since they were teenagers, but she snubbed him and chose to marry his best friend. When Ai’s husband died in mysterious circumstances, she found her life turned upside down. Because he had left everything to his best friend, Tan.
In ancident China, women held no status. They had no power. Tan owned Ai’s house, her property, he basically owned her life. She knew that her only chance of keeping her life was to please him. What she did not know was that he was a man of very particular tastes.
Tan stripped Ai and bound her to a wall inside the house. A small fire was lit. He brought a cane with him, usually used for beating animals and prisoners.
“Tan, please no. Please – I will be a good wife for you!” she begged
“You could have been my wife ten years ago, you whore! But you refused me! Now you must pay.
Tan beat her with the cane, leaving marks all over her body.

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