Her Master wants me to make her more

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Chinese torments
Master Lo was an expert in his art. In Wandeng province, there was no more skilled torturer than him. He was proud of the fact that he had tortured over 1,000 people and none had ever died under his care. Many people did not understand, but the purpose of torture is to make a victim suffer – either for punishment, or to convince them to talk.
He did not really care which they were sent to him for. It was all the same to him. The most recent girl sent to him was Wei-Ling, apparently she was to be made to suffer for two days. He didn’t know why, although he overheard his assistants talking about a refused marriage proposal. In Wandeng province, it was considered shameful to be refused an offer of marriage. For all he knew, it could be the girl’s own family who sent her here.
Lo knew that the largest part of torture is fear. Although Lo was proud of the fact he had never killed anyone, he never wanted his subjects to know that. The entire time they were with him, they should feel as if their life was in his hands. To help with the sense of fear, Lo liked to work on several subjects at the same time. When a new victim appeared, the first thing he did was explain – in great detail – what was happening to the others.
“See Mei over here, behind you?” he said to the girl, as she was being strapped to an X-shaped cross. “We got twenty seven hot needles into her, before she passed out. I thought she deserved a bit of a break, so I’ll let her hang there for a bit. If she doesn’t wake up in a couple of hours, we’ll find a way to revive her. Perhaps the two of you would like to play together?”

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She strained to look the monk in the eyes

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Witch hunt
The ropes that bound the Corinne to the rough, splintered wood of the rack sang out as the cruel torturer gave the crank another half-turn. The helpless girl screamed in agony, her taut body straining as she was horribly stretched.
“So you see the folly of resisting the will of Mother Church, and her blessed Witch Hunters, slut,” said the so-called monk standing beside the rack. Brother Jamison was a new recruit to the Witch Hunters, but he had taken to his work with genuine enthusiasm. The women of Corinne’s village had never expected the Witch Hunters to come so far north, and so had been taken by surprise when the town crier announced a delegation from the Cathedral was making an appearance at harvest time.
Corrine, like so many of her friends, never had a chance. A single woman living in a remote village, she was easy prey for the Witch Hunters, who declared her and most of the other attractive young women to be “suspected witches” within a day of arrival.
“Please, let me go!” gasped Corinne. She strained to look the monk in the eyes, her dark hair hanging limply behind her as she squirmed. “I’m innocent!”

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Master, have mercy

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Chinese torments
“It was her! Please I beg you to understand! It was her Master Tan! Please stop!” screamed Tina.
Tina and Rita were two of the most popular girls at the local brothel, but the master of the house – Tan – had a problem. A very wealthy white client had visited the brothel and used the services of both girls. In the morning, his pocket watch had disappeared. He was outraged. With his wealth and influence, Tan knew that he could have the brothel shut down that very day.
So, thinking quickly, Tan offered a solution. A very special private show, just for this client. In the grandest of the rooms, two X shaped crosses were erected. The two girls were brought in and stripped, before being bound to the cross. They were clearly afraid.
Before them, the white man sat on a grand throne, setup for him by Master Tan. “This man lost something very precious last night” said Master Tan, “one of you must know something.”
Rita, the girl with the larger breasts looked and Master Tan and said “Master, we would never take anything! Please! You know me, I have been here four years! You know it cannot be me!”
Tina was a slimmer girl, known in the house for her amazing flexibility, “No! Don’t believe her! I did not take anything! Check my room! Master, have mercy!”

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