I feel like a god

September 2, 2018 at 4:47 pm, Category: Damian

Witch hunt
Gloria gasped softly as Gregory’s hand grazed the inside of her thigh. After all the horrors she and her mother hand endured, somehow his soft caress was the most frightening. Her pussy surged with pleasure at his light touch. It was as if her body was confused, it didn’t know what was really happening. No matter how much she told her greedy little cunt to be afraid, it didn’t listen. The more horrible their predicament became, the more aroused she felt.
It had started innocently enough. Gregory smiled at her one day when she was serving him drinks at the tavern. She smiled back. That was what you were supposed to do. The customers were supposed to be kept happy. Gloria’s mother worked in the kitchen and she’d had to beg and plead with the owner to get her this job at the tavern, so Gloria did everything she could to keep it.
But then Gregory hooked his finger and beckoned her to come over to him. He grinned like he was the owner of the world. Gloria was surprised by this, Gregory had never been one of the rich and powerful in town, he’d never exuded this air of authority before, but now at the slightest indication from him, she found herself obeying. She walked towards his table, as if in a daze, and stood before him, waiting for instructions.
There was an old man in black robes sitting next to him, who Gloria didn’t know, Gregory turned to him, ignoring her for the moment.
“Incredible,” he said. “I feel like a god.”
The man laughed.
“These are just the beginnings of the rewards you will enjoy in my service.”
Gregory slid his hand under Gloria’s skirt. Incredibly she did not move back, she just leaned in closer, and whimpered.

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