Emma’s Grief

September 1, 2017 at 5:09 pm, Category: BDSM Comics, Ferres

Emma’s Grief


It is the time of Victorian England, of polite society, of uppercrust privilege, and Miss Emma Watling is the cream of the crop. Young, pretty, innocent, and refined, little Emma Watling retreats to her cousin’s estate to escape the trials and tribulations of London society to experience some rest and recuperation out in the countryside. Unfortunately for dear little Emma, her cousin, Lady Wilhemina Strafford is an odd type. Emma always remembered that her distant cousin was a little off, but she was too young to remember why.
Underneath the refined and privileged nature of English gentility runs a seedy undercurrent of cruel, sadistic brutality! …especially against young, helpless, succulent females. After all, the Empire was not willed into existence by being nice… by being “civilized.” Emma fell for all the simple platitudes of her childhood. She will learn the hard way that things are done differently when the need requires…

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