Snatcher 2: Cosprey

September 6, 2017 at 9:02 pm, Category: BDSM Comics, Fernando

Snatcher 2: Cosprey


Cyndi Walsh is just the latest cosplay hopeful checking in during the height of con season. She’s blossomed out from the scrawny twig she once was, and she hopes to make a big splash on the convention floor with her latest cosplay invention!
Unfortunately for sweet Cyndi, there are other people on the convention floor looking to make a big splash of a different kind. This sick sadist is on the prowl not for rare memorabilia or pictures with the nerdy and famous! No… he’s looking for a girl just like Cyndi: sweet, innocent, young, and unspoiled. This guy is a master mugger. He knows how to pick his targets, how to bring them down, and how to break them in. Little Cyndi never stood a chance.
But things get better for this malicious mugger as the day wears on. It turns out Cyndi has friends, and they want to visit her during the convention. He’s hit the jackpot alright! It turns out that nerd conventions are not only a great place to find fresh, female flesh but also a great place to transport them out and hide them. After all, cons are noisy, the staff is overworked and overwhelmed, and nobody is going to think twice that a sexy cosplay cutie stumbling past is really a helplessly bound piece of puss desperate to escape!
Will Cyndi and her friends escape or are they doomed to a life of bondage submission and slavery??

This page, at high resolution, is available for all my patrons on Fernando official website!

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